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I did not authorize the use of my credit card for what I did not order. So disgusted with the Bradford Exchange. I called Fed Ex to make sure that my package had not been delivered to the wrong address. The Bradford Exchange Online website http: I have told my spouse that there is to be no more purchases from them, and I will be posting my complaint on all social networks I am on.

Contact Bradford Exchange Contact For your convenience to contact Bradford Exchange Contact We have provided all possible information of Bradford Exchange Contact. You can contact Bradford Exchange Contact on the given phone number ()
This is Bradford Exchange's best phone number, the real-time current wait on hold and tools for skipping right through those phone lines to get right to a Bradford Exchange agent. This phone number is Bradford Exchange's Best Phone Number because 25, customers like you used this contact information over the last 18 months and gave us feedback.
Here are some of Bradford Exchange's free phone number: Canada US Bradford Exchange Trading Floor.
Bradford Exchange Customer Support Service Phone Number The customer support phone number of Bradford Exchange is + / () / (Click phone number to call).
This is Bradford Exchange's best phone number, the real-time current wait on hold and tools for skipping right through those phone lines to get right to a Bradford Exchange agent. This phone number is Bradford Exchange's Best Phone Number because 25, customers like you used this contact information over the last 18 months and gave us feedback.
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Contact Bradford Exchange Contact For your convenience to contact Bradford Exchange Contact We have provided all possible information of Bradford Exchange Contact. You can contact Bradford Exchange Contact on the given phone number ()

The most useful links may be to their 'Community and online discussion boards' and to 'Conventions and get-togethers'. Can you call from a exchange to a exchange in the area code toll-free? The exchange is in Killeen, Texas. The exchange is in Eastland. They're over miles apart. They are not local calls to one another. Is there a Bradford exchange store you can go to? No - there's no physical store and the warehouse is not open to the public.

However, there are many stores that carry Bradford products. These can be identified by a big blue "B" in their window. The phone number for the Bradford Exchange is ? Unfortunately this is an industry that markets 'Collectible' plates and such which really have no monetary value. Many of these pieces are mass produced. There are exceptions to this, consult with an appraiser to be certain. What is the toll-free number for the IRS? Bradford Exchange contact for Richard Tinberg?

Tinberg, I hope I find the correct person to help me out. I purchase this ring from the Bradford Exchange and didn't love the look of the ring.

So, I contacted customer service they sent me a return label. At this point the customer service told me it would take up to 10 days the return the money back into my credit card. Now, today I called the again checking out the status of my refund this person told me it is going to take between 2 - 4 weeks to return my money.

I feel that this is so long of a process. I do hope that this type of process gets fix I'm very disappointed the way my order is being handle. Furthermore; I ordered a different ring from another company I had to send this type of ring back due to it was to small for my finger. I mailed package with the label and within a few days my money was back into my credit card. I hope that you can do something to speed up the process. Thank you, Darlene Parisi.

How can you get a Phone number for Bradford Exchange? You can NOT contact them, that is their whole scam in a nut shell. How can you get a toll-free number? Every Telephone company offers Toll-Free Numbers; usually you canfind this information on their websites, but if not, just call thecustomer care department.

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AND, a cc gives you the ability to dispute the charge. I am so frustrated with The Bradford Exchange. I was told it would ship in 2 to 4 weeks. I recently was told because of the engraving it would take longer. My husband has ordered many things from The Bradford Exchange and everything is beautiful, but why has this ring not been shipped to me yet? I think they have had ample time to engrave it and ship it. I am so disappointed! I have sent you a check for the remaining amount on Oct.

Please do not send me another bill. Was helped by your representitive Patrick. He was attentive and thorough. He provided me with a suitable answer to my inquiry. Patrick was very professional and pleasing to talk to. I have tried to e-mail your customer service and the page is done. I tried to check my account history and the page is down.

I expected much better srevice form you. This company is a SCAM! There is NO such thing as customer service, that too is also a scam! I have refused shipments, unopened marked return to sender yet they continue to mail me a bill!!! I have spent days on the phone pressing 6 to wait to talk to someone in customer service. A total of an hour and a half of my time and have not been able to talk to anyone. All I want to do is stop shipments. I will never order another thing from them.

The customer service is horrible. I ordered the Brand Name Cookbook and mailed a check for the order. I have tried calling them for days on end without success. This company is the pitts, and I will never do business with them again. Dear sir I got a e-mail from your company.

I ordered a veterans ring. I sent you acheck with the order the e-mail read you got the order but not the check. Please look in to this matter. If you all would make jewelry for multiple cancer RED then the items would be worth buying. My dad did not die of breast cancer and neither did any other family member. I accidently ordered two of the Red Sox steins. I think it is redicalous that i had to pay all that and i am not hearing from u all. This has been the worst experience I have ever had.

The web site does not work, trying to track package, says can not find. I know it was shipped. I have tried for a week to get into my account. Keeps saying password no got. I e-mailed your customer service with my concerns, I received to reply.

I hope by the time you receive this message my package has arrived at the destination I had it sent. This will be the last time I order from your company,. I have gotten many things from you. However, I will never order again. I sent in and order three months ago for Christimas and paid in full and still not received my order yet and this is Dec.

I called the day after Christmas ans snet an email at the time I received it, but apparantly the day after Christmas is a Holiday in Indiana, not the next buisness day as expected.. I sent them a check for my second installment, first one being made with our credit card with the assumption that once they received the check, they would not charge the credit card.

I wrote to them complaining how they held the check until past the due date, charged the credit card and the same day processed the check, which overdrafted our account. This was about 2 weeks ago. I contacted them and informed them that other companies have credited my account for one reason or another and it can be done in a matter of less than 24 hours. We have spent a very large amount of money with this company of the past few years, and believe me, it will never happen again.

I have told my spouse that there is to be no more purchases from them, and I will be posting my complaint on all social networks I am on. This company needs to be turned over to the BBB every chance anyone gets. I have try to call many times to customer service but get put on hold for a long time I just hang up my frist time I order and first time and last. I am so damn frustrated with Bradford Exchange.

I was promised guaranteed a ship that I ordered for a very close friend Dec. Sometimes you have to making an example out of people to get results!: I have been required to waste more than hour just to find the path to waiting a mere 28 minutes to speak to a purported Customer Representative in order to obtain a return product number.

She did not give me an authorized number and said simply to return the product — although she did request my account number. I have no idea how this Company remains in business. I ordered a pendant his and hers birthstone before Christmas and was to receive it before Christmas. I was going to call customer service,it appears to be a hopeless case.

So disgusted with the Bradford Exchange. I was promised something for Christmas that I ordered the summer of ! It was delayed so gave the picture of the item to the person. Well, here we are January and still have not received it. I get a delay post card every three months. No one will give me a straight answer just that it will come in three months like the post cards says. I pushed today and was advised that they are waiting for the Manufacturer. I asked if I had to get 20 people to put in an order then cancel them to get them to make it, was told no.

The manufacturer just keeps delaying. Why is the shipping for the music box I ordered for my daughter Renee Sourbeer a month ago not shipping until February 8th when I sent a M.

Please let me know. I will be awaiting your reply. I bought a very nice gift for my daughter-in-law for Christmas. She loved it and I had but the payments to be deducted automatically from my account. I had been trying for several days to reach Bradford Exchange to find out exactly how much I owe.

It took we awhile to finally get a phone number that went through but once I did, I had great service. I paid my account in full. The only problem I have ever had is trying to get through to them on the phone but other than that, service was great and the gentleman located in Canada was extremely kind and helpful.

Getting very frustrated and thought you treated your customers better. The Seahawk Super Bowl Ring is a work of art, but misses the mark! The Ring could be the ultimate fan identity with minor alterations. On the face the numeral 1 to replace the dot in the boarder before the Logo and the numeral 2 to replace the dot in the boarder after the Logo. The number 12 on each side below the Logo. ALSO, my name is misspelled on the letters. If you did not open the package just write refused on the front and drop it in a mailbox or post office, there is a one year return, if you never ordered it just keep it, I do and never hear from them again.

Many of their items are for sale on amazon and less expensive also. I ordered A singing Elvis doll for a gift. The Bradford Exchange signed me up for the entire collection which I did not authorize. When the doll that I did order arrived, it did not look at all like the photo on the computer. The voice box also did not work. I think I will contact the Better Business Bureau for the fraud and the District Attorneys Office for the unauthorized use of my credit card.

No more business from me. The customer service address that they give is also fake. I also tried changing the letters to capital and lower case. The address is just for show. I also wish that I would have read the other reviews. I returned the second doll that they sent to me without my authorization. Bradford Exchange said that it may take a couple of months to clear the problem. I have a feeling that they will say that they never received the doll and will keep making unauthorized charges to my credit card.

I cancelled my credit card so they cannot steal any more money from me. Received a letter from you dated Feb. I do not expect any shipment that will come from you, nor received pre-shipment noticed about the item, does not even know what is in the box that you shipted.

It was just dropped off in our mail box, and so, it was sent back to you via the postman the following day. I received your always a mother heart bracelet order form please do send me any more of your stuff if you look on your records I bought this bracelet and the second time I wore it the clasp BROKE and I lost it.

It has been more than two months since I received your post card saying I would not be receiving an important Christmas gift before the holiday. Please see that my account is credited for the entire amount of the order. Apparently you did not feel it was necessary to keep me informed on the status of this order. For this reason I will not be ordering anything in the future. Only thing when I opened it I saw some loose ceramic pieces.

I will never order from this company again, I ordered a ring and it was guaranteed to be here on Feb. Very unhappy with your service!!!! While waiting for an answer from customer service, which was only about 10 minutes; I read the reviews. I have never had any problem waiting for a customer service rep or with a solution to my inquiries. Last Christmas while putting away one of my nativity figurines for storage the arm broke off my angel. This year while putting away another Christmas collectible somehow a piece broke off.

Since it was over a year since I received the item I returned it for replacement. Because of it being over a year I expected to pay for a new one but I received the replacement within 4 weeks and at no charge to me. I will continue to shop with the Bradford exchange because I am very satisfied with their service. I have received two past due statements for acct. Do I need to stop payment on this check and send another payment? Please let me know so I can complete this purchase.

In regards to jewelry music box. I have been trying to contact Bradford Exchange by phone to explain a situation, but after losing connection 4 times have given up. I mailed a check to pay the balance of a bill on acct. I want the reason for the payment not arriving. I will check with the P. This watch will not run at all. I feel that I have wasted my money. REceived post card middle of January stating it was delayed and would be here around March 18th. It is March 14th and received another post card stating it will be in June before I get my item.

Paid in full 4. What is up with this company? There was also another item was also returned. Please remove this pay due statement. I am trying desperately to buy a departed loved one, remembrance musical egg with the stairway to a cross, that plays Amazing Grace. I wrote you a letter years ago about not having enough plastic dividers and I never received a reply.

Lastly, I would like to know were my return envelope is, this is beginning to be a habit with your company? Please, reply to my complains Thanks You. I just wanted to let everyone know my experience with this company. Now, I ask, why would a company offer a guarantee relying on another company?

My answer… no company would. Again, thank you Bradford Exchange. Whenever I have the chance I will be sure to spread my lovely experience with anyone and everyone. It would be nice if you would have your phone no. But I will send another payment I already sind information on how I wanted to pay it monthly please.

There is another ring but as I recall I only order one. Cause my message that I receive that I was suppose to have receive it by the 30th of this May. And I was told that I going to receive it on May the 30th.

Ican no longer afford it. I have spoken with rude staff members in your customer sevice this morning and afternoo. Of which were two men. I have delt with your co for several years. What has happened to your Co. On the same date, check I sent you a check for The Snow babies have been paid for.

Instead of what I ordered, I received one doll which I sent back. I have another doll sitting here in the box with a broken hand which was obviously done during the mailing. This is the first time that I have been able to sit at the computer. I am truly fed up with your billing practices and will not ever order anything else from you.

Please complete my order or return my money. Oh by the way, do you have any foreign people working for you? You never had these problems until now. I just received your first coin of the 20th Century U.

Silver Dollar Collection and I decided to return it back to you. What I have to do to ship it? I wish I would have read these reviews on line before I ordered from this company. I ordered checks and when they arrived my name was illegible. Simply could not read it.

Please please open and check the checks immediately….. I did and I waited 30 minutes for someone to answer my on hold call. Then I was told I must have typed it that way when I sent to order in. They refused to do anything about it but did offer to send me new checks if I paid for them. I am letting you that I have not received the coin that you have sent invoiced for I know that I have written a letter on this before and I still have not recived the coin in question I will be happy to pay when I have the coin L.

I will be more Then happy to pay you when I receive the coin as of this date I have not not received anything L. Rachel, you are so rude. I believe someone from their company, or, someone has hacked into our account and placed an order.

And, how did they know we have a son. This whole order smells fishy. Rachel kept interrupting me while I was trying to explain the problem. She did flag his name. Bradford Exchange is famous for sending out cards and if we try to place an order, we get a card back saying that item is not available at this time.

Bradford Exchange please get your act together. I purchase from you a morgan silver ingot ring about 3 weeks ago when I received it was ok now about 3weeks later all the paint I would call it is coming off.

I thinking it was me doing it I went to dealer to get his input and he stayed I had been taken that this was worth about I would not recommend that any one deal with this company. I have been over billed twice. I want a refund immediately. This just what I have been telling every person I talk to your company sells nothing but junk it was a month ago that I bought the Morton Ingot ring and the damn thing it all started a week ago the first the paint was falling out now the eagle just fell out Now I have written several times and I got no response which a china loving company like yours buy cheap and then charge the high buck I know That people Like you should be charged with treason I have never dealt with people like you and I hope that people like you get rude awakeing after I talk to myLawyer just rember I have never got any reponce From your company end of story.

I got an email from you dated July 15th assuring me that the order was received. You did not give me an order number or date of shipment. Either send me proof of my order or cancel the order so I can reorder on line.

Inform me of what you do. I need this order filled or cancelled. Thank you, Charlene Collins. If I receive any more statements from you I will return them as return to sender. I ordered from this company through Amazon. This company sent me an email with a tracking number for my package. I tracked the shipment and it said it had been delivered.

I sent the company an email and have gotten no response. I called Fed Ex to make sure that my package had not been delivered to the wrong address. Fed ex told me the tracking number that this company gave me was not registered under my name and that Amazon was still preparing my package to be shipped.

I figured that to begin with because when I check on my orders via the Amazon website, it says preparing for shipment. I think this company could use a lesson on customer service. I am returning it. It would save postage,and pissed off customers…. I ordered a Seahawks Super Bowl Plate. Was billed in April, received a notice it would be delivered by July 23, Have not received it.

Have no response to my e-mail. This company is terrible. I contacted the company in May and they said it was on backorder. I have not heard a word since and finally got thru to a Customer Service rep. As of this date, they can stop sending me letters to purchase something else from their company because they are wasting their postage and my time as I will no longer purchase anything from them again.

In the past, I have been a faithful customer. Mystic Spirits Collection, The ordering information for this piece is vague as to total cost? Please list the total price incl. If you want poor quality, high cost and deceptive trade practices, this is the you, but not for most folks. When the order came all I got was basically two damaged sticks with a handcrafted tomahawk. The rest of the display was not included. I had to go on-line to figure out the Rip Off.

You have to pay extra for each part of the display. How Deceptive is this? And yes, the comments above about lack of service by telephone are on-target. I ordered a product from Bradford Exchange and was pleased with it. I immediately started receiving additional mailings about twice a week. I did not want to be sent this information.

You have enough ads in magazines to see what you have. I tried to call to have my name taken off your mailing list, but it was impossible to find a phone number, so I sent an e-mail. I asked to get a response but did not receive anything. They all will be sent back — return to sender. I will never purchase anything fom your company again and if anyone asks me where I purchased my item, I will tell them not to do business with you.

To Whom It May Concern: The return of an online order status of credit amount On August 21, I returned a three band stack-able ring. This order was placed on credit card ending in Visa. I have not notice a credit back to my account. Thank you for your prompt professional service. Today I talked to a rep. Now I owe for that one. Please take me off your books and quit sending me mail as when I get ripped off, I quit doing business with that company forever.

Sorry but that is the way I do business. Take me off your client list and quit sending me mail because when I get ripped off, I quit doing business with them. I was told that I was to disregard a statement because my friend in Arizona received 2 broken Angels and I was told that I could order a different one to replace it so I did and to disregard the statement I would receive.

I purchased the Sedona sky ring,bracelet,and necklace. Very beautiful, had to send back the ring size 5 because the big stone did not match.

Then I had to return the necklace because on one side of the chain the beads were crooked. I was thinking of buying some jewelry as Christmas gifts. Bradford solved that problem with their outlandish shipping and handling costs.

In addition they also sock you with tax, making the original invoice I have ordered an item and was checking the tracking status and it say they have no information on my order.

I even have a confirmation number. Noone answers the phone. I called your phone number and waited for 12 Min. Have not received the stein or heard anything about. I think 3 months is plenty of time for it to be delivered or a message statement that there has been a delay. I expect to hear from you soon!!! I have not received the item and I would like to know the status of my order.

Please email me to confirm receipt of this email and to confirm the order. I will not be ordering from you again. I did not order this glass bowl ,it was not no 12 PC. After reading thorror stories here. I keep getting Past Due Statements for items that I have pre-ordered, and have given credit authorization for each item.

I called the Customer Service number provided on this site. Total time on phone: I have to say this is by far the worsted online shopping site I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. When you try to pull up the order status page it will not display for that matter nothing under manage my account will open. The funny thing is that all the tabs under Customer Support quick links open right away.

I order a Bikers Blessing Ring back in June or July was supposed to be delivered in September then moved to December and can not find out when it will be delivered or the money taken out of my account.

When you call your number you wait for ever. This will be the last thing I order from Bradford Exchange. When I called to up date my billing information and shipping address it took the lady for ever to do and could not understand her and when you have to give a zip code 5 times their is a problem.

Quick and simple online ordering Manageability of online accounts Fast delivery times Privacy of the customer World-class customer service. Finally hung up to writ this review. They have got to be kidding. I am currently on hold and will continue to hold while looking up BBB complaint form. Has anyone else had any satisfaction from filing a BBB complaint?

Having wasted three long phone calls to clarify this on Monday, I gave up hope of a conversation and emailed the query. Thank you for at least sending my money back, I just hope the check is good.

I was disappointed not getting it for Christmas. I ordered two items on November 19, I received confirmation of the orders and a request for payment on Nov. I made the payment and on Dec. One item was exactly what I ordered. The other item was NOT what I ordered. It was totally unacceptable. I immediately tried to call but no phone numbers are on the web-site except a number with a recording for payments to be made automatically.

I tried using the return section on the website. First you have to complete a form to get a card that you have to send in to place your order for a Prepaid Return Label. I completed the form on December 13, 15 and I received no card, no Prepaid Return Label and no response whatsoever from Bradford.

I found a couple of phone numbers on this web-site and tried calling one. I was on hold for 21 minutes. I finally got a person on the phone who was very nice, very accommodating, and quickly assured me the correct order would go out at once and and should arrive in 5 to 7 days. He said he would send the Prepaid Return Label and it should arrive in 5 days. It remains to be seen how this fiasco will turn out. I realize they are busy this time of year but that is no excuse for not responding and trying to correct their mistakes without this kind of hassle.

Seriously people if I ran a business like this there would be no business. You never answer your phone. What kind of service is that??? Ordered a mothers ring and was promised that it would be delivered before Christmas.

Now they are giving me a date of February 9th, !!! Not good at all. Tried calling customer service. Will never order from these people again!! My account just cost posted on December 16th.

I have been dealing with Bradford for years and this is the first time I have encounted problems……….. Ordered a bracelet that is labeled receive before Christmas. But they still are showing product on their online store as get by Christmas. Have emailed them twice to cancel my order but no response.

This has happened to me twice, never again with these people. This is my first and last order. I should have read these reviews before placing an order with this company. I too am waiting for an order placed on November 4 Call the numbers, wait an hour, only to say they will transfer me to customer service which was the number I called.

Earlier this month when I finally did speak to someone I was assured delivery of the 2 music boxes by Christmas. To add to the insult, the order was initially placed over 6 months ago.

Couple months after that I got a postcard stating there would be a delay in shipment until early November. Not to worry since plenty of time for Christmas. You would think it would be the other way around, call to cancel if you cant wait?

So back to November 4th and I called reinstating the order with a 4 to 6 week delivery window. By the way, when I finally did speak with a person earlier this month its clear now they have no clue or control over their products. All they can say was the order was at the vendor.

One more thing to add to the growing insults — the daily onslaught of emails guaranteeing delivery by Christmas, as recent as a couple of days ago. Apparently a huge disconnect between their marketing and shipping departments. The really sad part? Its just something that companies like this cant relate to. I ordered a doll for my Grand daughter and it was shipped fast enough arrived in less than a week. They sent me the wrong doll. I have been sending emails for 3 days trying to find out how to return this and get my money back.

I have not heard from their customer service, I will never order from them again. If you want to know the new Bradford exchange customer service no, then please take a sight at the beneath segment which is well framed by team of customer-carenumber.

Bradford Exchange Mailing address. Bradford Exchange Office Address. You can check the status of your order or return online for any item that you have ordered through Internet, phone or mail of the company or any of our affiliated companies.

If the personalization printing error occurs then the executives will replace your stationery with zero charges charge and deliver you the correct personalization. If you notice a printing error, please contact the customer care team at If the design printing error occurs then the executives will replace your stationery with zero charges and will deliver you the correct design. Feel free to use the stationery you have until your new items arrive.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Contact Bradford Exchange Customer Service. Find Bradford Exchangecustomer service information including Email Address and Phone Number so that you can speak with a Bradford Exchange FAQ. Speak with Customer Service, Call Tech Support, Get Online Help for Account Login/5(). Contact Bradford Exchange Contact For your convenience to contact Bradford Exchange Contact We have provided all possible information of Bradford Exchange Contact. You can contact Bradford Exchange Contact on the given phone number ()