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I'm new to it, so this particular project is a little scary looking to me right now, but eventually I will get to where I can do it. You will receive a verification email. You can also use old long sleeve shirts that have become to short in the arms and waist. Posts from related blogs. Although players will undoubtedly warm up during the match, long sleeves provide protection from the elements when the body is more susceptible to the cold, such as just before kick-off.

T-Shirts: Long-sleeves to short-sleeves? It can easily be done using these
T-Shirts: Long-sleeves to short-sleeves? It can easily be done using these
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So short sleeves work better much of the time. As a result when I received the fabulous clearance deal shirt I had ordered, I was bummed. Somehow in my head, I thought it was short sleeved.
I instantly knew what was the problem with this shirt, and that it needed short sleeves right away. I’m not a big long sleeve wearer, so chopping off a foot of each sleeve was just what it .

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Some people may consider short with long-sleeves

Thanks for the great idea. One of those, "Why didn't I think of that? What a great idea! The t-shirts are usually shorter than I like for the kids so this is a great way to fix that problem. Do you think it would be easier to hem the sleeves when they are still just rectangles of fabric? Yes, nopinkhere, it probably would be easier to hem the bottom of the sleeve before sewing into a tube.

I just wasn't sure how long I wansted the sleeve until after i attached it to the shirt……. I was just thinking last night about trying this but had no way of knowing how. This is a great idea. My 12yo is constantly ruining shirts so this will be a great way to re-use some of his shirts. This is such a great idea. My kids usually just end up wearing their favorite short-sleeved tees over the top of long sleeved tees. This is much less bulky.

I can't wait to try it out! This is a really good idea! Just last night I was sadly staring at several short sleeved shirts with the tags on which are just now starting to fit my daughter. I'm going to add the sleeves and bottom band this weekend! I have some of my husbands old shirts and those would be perfect. I wouldn't have to hem anything!

First of all, I love your blog! I'm not much of a sewer, despite my sewing mother: I think this idea is great, especially since my son won't stop growing! My machine doesn't have a great way to work with sleeves. You could sew them by hand, by like you mentioned, it may not hold up as well. But you could try and sew it and just make small stitches really close together….

I just spent WAY too much on long-sleeved undershirts. Now I can take those back and fix up our summer shirts with leftover fabric. Much cuter and wonderfully cheaper. I revamped an outfit for my daughter and posted it on my new blog: I have just stumbled on your blog two nights ago and am totally in awe..

I had to do a clear out of my daughters draws today and realised many of hers t shirts fit but not in length then i found last winters old t shirts that don't fit. I'm going to used your wonderful tutorial to turn her short sleeved summer T's into long sleeve with the help of last years winter T's.

You also gave me the idea of turning one of her pinafores into a skirt. This is so perfect! I don't have much scrap knit fabric, but I would definitely buy some to do this. It not only gives them sleeves, but lengthens too-short shirts! This is definitely going on my to-do list.

Then I used the double-overlock stitch shown by number 8 ……. Sewed like a dream….. This double-overlock stitch really allows for a great stretch for your knits……. So look to see if you have one on your machine. Then from some of the scraps from the sleeves that I cut off, I cut two strips of fabric that were 1.

I left one end open and then created a V-shape at the other end. Then I clipped around the end of the V to reduce fabric bulk and then poked the V down inside of itself towards the inside of the tube ……..

You could try using a knitting needle too. Then I worked the fabric along until it turned the tube right side out. Then I pressed the tube flat, with the seam along one side, then sewed all the way around the strip.

I wanted mine to be about 6 inches long, so I had to trim just a bit. Then I measured 8 inches up from the end of the sleeve and marked it with the pin. Make sure you mark opposite of the seam of the sleeve, that goes under the arm. You want the strip of fabric and the snap to be placed on the side of your arm.

Remember, it will attach underneath and will snap on the outside, in about the same place. Then zig-zag the raw edge of that little strip and then pin it to the inside of the sleeve, right where the pin was. Wow, does that make sense?

Do you see the little strip poking out? Then attached the backside of a snap to the inside of the sleeve, right below the seam where you attached your strip. Make sure to poke it through the strip and the shirt……making it extra sturdy. Then attach the top of the snap to the little pokies that are sticking through on the outside of the shirt….. Then use the little attachment that came with the snaps……and hammer the pieces together. Then do the same thing with the end of the strip…….

I guess the new foot pedal is fun for all of us. I then cut out a pocket shape out of the oversized cuff that I cut off from the original shirt……using the fold of the cuff as the top of the pocket. If it helps, cut out a pocket shape from paper first, and then cut around in on the fabric. Then try your shirt on and see where the pocket would look the best. Try to pin it in place, take of the shirt, and add more pins as you adjust the pocket to make it even and balanced on the shirt.

Now throw on your new little shirt, snap your little sleeve strips in place, and step out the door with your new and breezier shirt on. And thanks Bernina , for helping to make this a successful project. A really great new tool…….. Comments Am I really the first comment?? And love the pocket, too.

How do you get your machine to do that? I have the perfect shirt to try this out on: Will be taking this on…soon!!

What a great idea! I too have long shirts that need some shortening. Such a cute idea! All of these are best shared with family and friends. Except for chocolate, don't touch my chocolate.

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First, find an existing short-sleeve shirt to act as your guide. Using a rotary cutter, cut parallel to the line of the short sleeve, leaving an extra ″ for hemming purposes. You should be left with something like this. Re-purpose long sleeves shirts into short sleeve shirts, just in time for the spring and summer! Transforming your shirts is easy to do. If you are “sewing challenged”, you can still shorten your sleeves . So short sleeves work better much of the time. As a result when I received the fabulous clearance deal shirt I had ordered, I was bummed. Somehow in my head, I thought it was short sleeved.