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Some men like to go beyond the classic cuts of denim shorts and go with styles that have a rugged, military influence in their cut. For these men, cargo shorts, in styles cut above the knee, may be just what he wants for that casual feel.

No longer just for casual wear, cutoffs have found their way into many men's wardrobes and are worn numerous ways. If you do, wash it out immediately. American Fashion from Head to Toe. Cutoff length can vary from mid-thigh to below the knee to even calf length.

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There are many different styles of cu off shorts. Traditionally, cutoffs are made from denim, but they can be made in any material that long pants are styled from. Some styles include: Denim ; Cargo ; Fleece ; Related Articles. Men's Capri Pants; Denim Short Shorts; Very Short Shorts; Cutoff length can vary from mid-thigh to below the knee to even calf length.
Cut off shorts for men are easy to make if you have a pair of pants and a few tools. The basic principle of making cut offs is 'cutting off'' the excess material to make shorts. If you have ever tried to make cut off shorts without following a few basic instructions you know what a disaster it can be.
Styles of Cutoff Shorts

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If you want to have the ragged-edge look, do not add any length. Measure the distance between the mark you made and the waistline of the jeans. Make this same measurement on the other leg and mark it, so that you have equal points on each side. Mark a straight line, following the threads of the denim if it is possible, across one leg.

Fold the jeans to be sure that the mark on the other side is accurate and then draw a similar line on the other leg. You will then want to cut the jeans at the line you have marked.

Use heavy shears to cleanly cut through the material, as dull scissors will leave edges uneven. Hem or cuff as desired. If you wish to add a cuff, which will minimize the the importance of a clean or even cut line, do not hem and merely roll the bottom to the desired length. Do strategic bleaching and dying. You can use strategic bleaching or dying techniques to change the color and pattern of your shorts.

Consider bleaching only the top or bottom half of the jeans, doing a fade effect with bleach, or bleaching the entire pair of shorts and dying them other colors. You can paint your shorts, if you do not intend to wear or wash them very often.

There are limitless options for how you can paint your shorts and it will depend only on your skill and personal preferences. For example, you can paint a dark pair of shorts to look like a galaxy or the night sky. Use an old toothbrush lightly dipped in paint to flick speckles of white or silver paint onto your shorts. Smudge on blues and purples to complete the effect.

You can also use a stencil to add a pattern or design to your shorts. Make your own stencil or buy one from a local craft store and then use spray paint to add the design in whatever sections or pattern you prefer.

Create a fabric overlay. You can use a different fabric attached to the shorts in order to make them more fashionable and show your personality.

Use cotton prints, such as those found at a quilt shop, and trace the shape of the area you want covered. Leave a seam allowance, iron down the allowance, and then stitch the overlay to the desired section by hand or with a machine, depending on where you are adding it to. You can cover the back pockets, one or both front sections, the cuffs or just the trim. Adding lace can make shorts sexy and fashionable, giving them a feminine appearance. You can add lace in a number of ways and in a number of places to achieve different looks.

You can add lace over the whole pair of shorts. Do this by sewing, using iron-in seaming or simply gluing lace trim into rows across the pair of shorts. This looks best if you use several different styles or patterns of lace. Begin at the waist and move downward in even, parallel rows. You can also add lace to just one section of the shorts.

You can add it over the back pockets, over one of the front sections, just at the hem or cuff, or anywhere else you feel it looks best. Trace the shape that you want covered, add a little extra to make the seam, fold and iron the seam down and then stitch the lace into place by hand. Create a side slit.

You can make shorts which are too small fit a bit better by adding a side slit and closing it by adding an inch or two of stretchy fabric to rejoin the sides. Choose a fun print to make them fashionable and show your personality. You can also make shorts sexier this way too, by adding a slit and grommets or button holes to lace it closed.

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