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More strikes to the throat, rakes to the eyes and back, choking Laynie with her own hair are just of the things Rachel inflicts on poor Laynie. So can u tell me where nd how I can buy? While the author is 'white' and so am I , his stories show a deep love for Africa and an appreciation for the dignity of ins indigenous people. With the match level, it's all to play for in the final round.

SLAMpeg Madison Eagles & Sara Del Rey vs Kevin Matthews & Titan. This is a 30 minute Iron Man match that goes right down to the wire. The ladies know that it will take brains and brawn to overcome these monsters and they wisely gang up on the enormous Titan.
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SLAMpeg Madison Eagles & Sara Del Rey vs Kevin Matthews & Titan. This is a 30 minute Iron Man match that goes right down to the wire. The ladies know that it will take brains and brawn to overcome these monsters and they wisely gang up on the enormous Titan.
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From the opening bell April takes the fight to Divina with brutal chokes, gratuitous hairpulling and vicious biting. Hunter overwhelms the newcomer and completely controls the action, easily brushing off any offense Divina can muster.

April grabs two handfuls of hair for good measure, twisting and tightening the hair pull until Divina is forced to whimper a final submission. The Headlocks, Wristlocks and Armbars quickly make way for hard punches and vicious chokes, and it's obvious these two competitors have a very intense hatred for each other.

Angela executes a Hiptoss, while Shantelle pulls off a Northern Lights Suplex and reverses a Surfboard into one of her own. After trading unsuccessful pinning combinations, it's time for a slugfest. No one is pulling punches here, no doubt leaving both ladies battered and bruised for days after the match. Eventually one grappler is able to lock her nemesis in a bridging variation of an STF, wrenching back long and hard enough to gain a verbal submission. Not only that, the trapped victim is forced to say the winner is more beautiful and a better wrestler.

The young lady from the UK thinks there might have been some translation problem, but Fantasia has never been the most understanding person. One thing she does understand is how to kick butt and she's more than happy to share that with the brash Britani. Without a chance to get her boots on, Britani goes down as her toes are stomped by the nasty blonde. Fantasia stands over the fallen youngster and stretches out the knee in a standing toehold.

Whatever communication problems Britani was having before, she definitely learns the language of pain when Fantasia turns her over into a Boston Crab.

The leg work continues as Fantasia stomps her knee cap into the canvas. Britani won't submit, but a powerful Anklelock has her thinking about it especially after Fantasia takes a bite out of her foot! More leg torture causes Britani to stamp her socks in agony. Unable to make Britani submit, Fantasia lets out her frustrations on referee Rain , putting her in a Boston Crab! Britani takes advantage of the distraction, but is it enough to capture the match or some boots?

April Hunter vs Tina San Antonio April thinks that Tina is just another blonde bimbo who doesn't belong in the ring and she taunts the shorter wrestler as much as she can before engaging in a test of strength. These ladies refuse to give an inch and the contest takes them all around the ring. They show great pride in their wrestling skills and in their, er, "upper regions".

A knee to the stomach doubles Tina over and April follows up with a foot choke and a double-toed Leglock. The action goes back and forth with neither woman able to gain a solid advantage. One second, the cocky April is getting floored by jawbreaker and worked over in a Surfboard stretch; the next, it's Tina who is judo tossed to the ground and struggling to fight off an arm bar submission.

There are no Barbie dolls in this video! Tina builds momentum with a Handspring Elbow, but that's cut short by a low blow. A chop, Clothesline and Bodyslam hurt the blonde, but she manages get back up even with April sitting on her chest. A surprising Sleeper hold gives one wrestler the victory and the other a well deserved nap. Candi Divine vs Hannah Blossom Stepping into the ring against Candi Divine without a referee is probably on a par with going skydiving without a parachute And things don't get any easier for Hannah as the match progresses.

Candi maintains her grip on Hannah's hair for most of the match. Even when actually applying legitimate holds such as Headlocks or scissors, Candi's relentless grip on Hannah's hair is always adding to the British wrestler's discomfort. And Hannah's suffering does not end there, as she also finds herself choked on the ropes on more than one occassion.

The winning pin comes from a hair-assisted facebuster that sees one wrestler victorious and her opponent perhaps contemplating wearing a crash helmet for future bouts!

The subsequent test of strength between powerhouses Lorelei and Angel ends up undecided, but when Kimberly tags in the devious duo of Angel and Fantasia gain a somewhat unfair advantage over their opponents. Kimberly is isolated from her partner and endures a prolonged beatdown.

After taking a Bodyslam, belly to belly Suplex, Boston Crab and loads of other punishment, Kimberly is finally able to tag in her teammate. Lorelei comes in a house afire and unloads with a flurry of offense. In the ensuing chaos, one team earns a tainted victory, which begs for a rematch. Lacey wastes no time in going right after Jayme with a brutal kneelift and rapid fire forearm smashes as she literally beats the beautiful brunette into the mat.

Jayme takes a pounding but fights her way back, nailing the overconfident Lacey with a pair of huge Suplexes that put an end to her dominance and any chance of this match devolving into a one sided beatdown. From there the pair fight through a back and forth war of attrition featuring Camel Clutches, Bodyslams, devastating Neckbreakers and energy-sapping Sleepers. After a tough battle, a concussive implant DDT sends one wrestler to La La Land for good as the winner celebrates her hard fought victory.

Courtney Rush vs Kristin Astara After a short moment of meditation to prepare herself, Kristin is ready for her best out of 3 falls match with Courtney. An exchange of Armlocks opens the encounter with both women evenly matched - until an Atomic Drop from Courtney leaves Kristin susceptible to a straight jacket choke that scores the first fall. With her inner-peace clearly rattled, it is a much more aggressive Kristin who quickly takes charge in round 2.

Referee Leva has to use the eyes in the front AND the back of her head to be keep the angry Kristin in check. Kristin targets Courtney's legs repeatedly, eventually setting her up for a Figure Four Leglock that has Courtney desperately tapping out With the match level, it's all to play for in the final round. Still weak from Kristin's earlier onslaught, it looks to be all over for Courtney after Kristin sends her across the ring with a Monkeyflip and then puts her in a painful Babyswing.

But in any wrestling match Holly Blossom vs Nemesis From the opening kick to the midsection and subsequent hair-ripping mat slam it becomes clear that Holly has bitten off way more than she can chew in the powerful Nemesis. Holly is in for a long, punishing match and she suffers through Camel Clutches, turnbuckle smashes, mat slams and a sit-out Facebuster as Nemesis has her way with the beautiful Brit. To make matters worse, Nemesis continuously rips and pulls at Holly's long hair throughout the match, cranking up the pain with each hold and keeping up the suffering with Hairmares, hair-stands and hair tosses.

Finally Nemesis hauls Holly up into an elevated double hairpull. There is no undue taunting between the two friends but neither is there any sign of quarter to be given. The result is an energetic contest between perfectly matched athletes familiar with each other's repertoires, a showcase of well-oiled back and forth wrestling.

We open with the ladies feeling each other out—tentative tie-ups soon turn to Armlocks and Front Facelocks. The ladies start getting their blood up and before we know it, the action's escalated to vicious Bodyslams and neck-cracking Camel Clutches with the potential to put a chiropractor's kids through college.

Tenille takes the lion's share of the punishment in the first half of the match, but this ends when the ladies take a time-out to compare toned biceps in a cocky flex-off that leads to what else?! The action is back and forth from there as the battered fighters get more and more desperate as they feel their energy ebbing.

Elbows to the throat and back, punches, chokes in the corner — whatever it takes to get the other wrestler down. A final faceplanting move puts one lady down for the count at the end of this very sportsmanlike bout between mutually respectful friends. Lacey vs Veda Scott With no referee in sight, Lacey takes over the job of introducing the participants, proclaiming herself "the best wrestler in the multiverse," while announcing her opponent as "some girl and I'm going to beat her.

That's all you need to know. And when there's no ref around, Lacey can and will be more than happy to break the rules early and often. That's exactly what happens in this one-fall matchup, as Lacey repeatedly chokes Veda on the ropes and with Veda's own hair and introduces a hairpulling element into numerous moves such as Snapmares, Camel Clutches and Surfboards, as well as the traditional face slams to the mat.

After wearing down and toying with her foe, Lacey puts away Veda with a patented Lungblower aided by a hairpull, naturally , then finds herself a trustworthy referee to get the three-count in a most unique and fitting manner.

Joey and Kimberly start this one off with an oddly spastic and agile? Kimberly holds her own against her larger male opponent and he eventually tags out in exasperation. Rain appears to be too quick for Ben as she locks him into a tight Dragon Sleeper and other various takedowns. After a little bit of doubleteaming, Kimberly comes in to continue dominating the match.

Even the best laid plans go awry and soon Kimberly finds herself on the receiving of some very unsportmanslike doubleteaming.

This is not Kimberly's day as she is forced to endure a Crossface, an Armbar, and many other painful maneuvers. Will Kimberly mount any offense before it's all said-and-done?

Will she make a much needed tag to her fresh partner? You'll have to see this wild end to believe it and even then, you may have to run it back a few times to really get a clear picture of how this wild melee resolves. Malia Hosaka vs Ben Dejo Dejo barely mounts a single offensive maneuver as Malia easily picks up the first fall.

First working over his arms with armbars and knee and elbow strikes, Malia locks in a double reverse Hammerlock. Then she gets nasty, hitting Ben with Headbutts, Bodyslams and Dropkicks, then gets Ben to scream his submission while trapped in an Octopus hold.

Malia continues the assault in the second fall, taunting Ben while hitting him with Anklelocks, leg-sweep takedowns, Surfboards, Step-over Toeholds and legscissors. Malia sets Ben up with a powerful Suplex, then wraps on a Figure Four Leglock for the submission and the second fall.

Thinking the match is over, Ben vents his frustration by telling Malia how he feels about her. Unfortunately, his mouth has just written a check his backside can't cash and Malia picks him apart in a third fall that leaves Ben out cold on the mat after taking a Bulldog, Pedigree and Sleeperhold. Maybe next time, Ben will be more gracious in defeat. Amber O'Neal vs Saraya Saraya wants Amber to shut up because this match can only end in a verbal submission and that's all she wants to hear.

She should have been nicer because it's Amber who dominates the action, tying Saraya into all kinds of uncomfortable positions. Saraya seems to actually be enjoying some of these holds and Amber is definitely having fun applying them. Multiple Surfboard variations, a Mutalock and a reverse Figure Four are just a few of the moves that Amber employs.

Saraya is content to endure the holds, but how long will that toughness last? Her stubborn opponent forces Amber to think fast. She flows from Chinlocks to toeholds to Hammerlocks, but none of it seems enough to put the battling Brit away. A traditional Figure Four Leglock wears Saraya down and a leglock nelson nearly puts her away for good but it still isn't enough.

Amy Love vs Betsy Ruth While 'Supermodel' Amy is once again arguing with the referee, the baseball bat-wielding and always menacing Betsy calls out the 'Superbimbo' for a fight.

From the opening bell, Amy keeps evading a charging Betsy can you blame her? From there, the talented Supermodel attacks Betsy's arm with kneedrops, cross armbreakers and more. However, she then makes the mistake of trying to bring in a steel chair in full view of guest ref Jessie McKay Enter Betsy's baseball bat. A swift blow to the ankle later, Amy is injured and rolling around on the canvas. Betsy goes straight to work on the injured bodypart! After some devastating attacks, the match ends with an inevitable tapout.

There's more punishment to come though, as Betsy pushes aside the ref after the match and decides to again bring in the chair and the bat. Amy is in for lots of trouble here Leva vs Rain Two gifted and skilled grapplers square off in this submissions only matchup.

Leva immediately goes to work on The Radiant One's arm, but quick and clever reversals keep both grapplers from gaining much momentum. While Rain looks to apply submission hold after submission hold, utilizing a seated double-arm underhook, Surfboard, Texas Cloverleaf and Bodyscissors, Leva continues to work on Rain's arm, using Armbars and reverse chickenwings and wears her down in multiple head and bodyscissors.

Leva nearly picks up the win when she hits a bridging reverse hammerlock on Rain's weakened arm, but Rain manages to escape. Back and forth the two wrestlers go, looking for that one maneuver that will get the other to tap out.

It comes quickly, when one grappler reverses out of an Armbar, delivers a quick leg-sweep takedown and locks on an armscissors that forces her opponent to slap the mat in submission. Jennifer Blake vs Tracy Taylor Jen Blake jumps out early in this one-on-one match up with a Headlock Takedown, but doesn't have the advantage long. Tracy won't have any of it and begins to work over her opponent with some hairpulling and rope chokes, not to mention some actually legal holds like the Dragon Sleeper and an Over-The-Knee Backbreaker.

Jen starts looking a little sluggish as Tracy takes it to her with a Surfboard, a Waistscissor and 3 consecutive Suplexes. Anyone who's seen Jen wrestle knows she just won't stay down. Tracy continues to dominate and really focus on Jen's back. A Bearhug in the middle of the ring has Jen on the edge of submission, but she manages to hang on.

Tracy's frustration visibly mounts as she becomes more and more violent, demanding that Jen submit. A really tough Surfboard has Jen wailing in pain and Tracy fully extended for maximum leverage. Power moves abound, yet Jen refuses to stay down for the Is she giving Kellie a hard time for her ring nickname or does the veteran have a genuine interest in the young Aussie upstart?

The action is almost impossible to follow as our two ladies vie for the upper hand with lightning-fast holds and reversals. Just when you think one combatant might pull ahead, the other takes off in the opposite direction with a new surge offense.

That is, until, Malia locks in a definitive and tight Figure Four Leglock. Kellie eventually finds the ropes, but Malia milks the count for maximum damage and has now found her opponent's weakness. It's fairly even from here on out with lots of off-the-ropes-action and some brutal blows. A Camel Clutch sneaks its way in there, as well as what looks to be a match-ending Dragon Sleeper.

Looks can be deceiving, however and it isn't until one tough lady finds herself on the receiving end of a deciding Glam Slam and staring up the lights for the Eager to prove a point, he issues an open challenge to any woman to face him in the ring--A challenge that is answered by Miss Rachel. As confident as LT claims to be, he doesn't take any chances by actually fighting fairly.

LT immediately resorts to a rake to the eyes to gain the advantage, followed by a quickly applied Sleeper that leaves Rachel helpless and it is not long before she is out cold. But LT is not done yet and continues to abuse his already defeated and barely concious opponent. Stomps, chokes and yet more Sleepers keep Rachel on the canvas as LT strives to prove his point.

Even the late arrival of referee Shawn Spears to try and bring proceedings to a merciful halt does not deter LT from getting a final few shots in. Erica's long legs prove the advantage at the start of the bout as she takes control with a barrage of kicks. Erica's legs continue to call the shots as she traps Portia in a Bodyscissors, Headscissors and a Lotuslock, as well as dishing out a Keister Bounce or two.

Unfortunately for Erica, what initially proves an advantage is suddenly turned against her when Portia is able to turn the tide of the batttle.

Now Erica's legs prove a tempting target for Portia who punishes Erica with a variety of leglocks, including Stepover Toeholds, legbars, double-toed leglocks and more. Portia even takes a few moments to illustrate the difference between a legal hold and an illiegal one for the benefit of Lorelei.

Will Erica's long legs prove to be her not very secret weapon? Or has Portia found Erica's achilles heel. Christie Ricci vs Taryn Shay The invasion of the newcomers continues in this stripped-down face-off between the fresh-faced Taryn and veteran Ricci. No fancy gimmicks, long setup or flashy production; this is some raw action replete with screams, thuds and the creaks of ring ropes straining under the impact of battered bodies. The match begins with Christie taking an unhealthy for Taryn!

Taryn is slung around the ring by her hair several times, her neck is bent back over Christie's knee using you guessed it her hair for leverage. Christie almost doesn't let go of Taryn's tresses for the first couple minutes of the match.

This is the veteran at her dirtiest—extended chokes, elbows, knees, cheap shots, it's all there. This is not to say that we don't get any of Christie's trademarked old-style roughhousing.

She busts out Bodyslams and an array of submissions — Backbreakers, Figure Four Leglock, Full Nelsons and Bodyscissors all figure into Taryn's punishment-only this time, they generally involve the added agony of Christie yanking on poor Taryn's hair during the execution of each move. One neck-crushing submission finally causes Taryn to tap at the tail end of a hair-raising and one-sided smackdown.

Angel Williams vs Shawn Spears Two confident wrestlers face off in this one fall matchup. Both are good looking, talented and more than willing to play dirty. Apparently the rules against hairpulling don't apply to them as the early parts of the match see both competitors trying to give the other a free trim without scissors.

Shawn gets tired of horsing around and uses the ropes to leverage a painful Chinlock. A missed elbow drop puts the game back in Angel's hands and she goes to work torturing Shawn's arm and chest. Shawn even has to check himself for claw marks! With the violence escalating, Shawn pounds Angel's world famous abs with a belly punch followed by a thunderous stomp to the midsection. Angel steals the momentum with a series of counters that lead to pinfall attempts.

Back on their feet, Shawn is rocked by Angel's forearms and now it's the angelic one's turn to choke Shawn with the ropes and her boots. Shawn delivers a devastating Backbreaker, but Angel fights back with flying lariats, a DDT and a Neckbreaker of her own.

More dirty tactics follow and it's a low blow leading to a school boy pin that leaves one loser hurt and humiliated. Belle is bent every which-way, but stays in and even scores some near falls. Both ladies execute some great moves, never missing a chance to grab and arm or leg to inflict some pain. Sara escapes with some questionable shortcuts, but Marti succeeds in keeping it clean and getting repeated chances at grabbing the win.

One ladies' arm is stretched to the breaking point and eventually must conceed the contest, but they were both no doubt sore the following day! Nemesis Cautious circling quickly becomes jockeying for position in some tests to see who can power the other one down. Each tries to intimidate the other with her power, but both are also determined and willing to put it all on the line. Nemesis targets the leg of Christie and captures a Figure Four. Christie goes for a Surfboard and a quick pin-and gets punched in the chest accident?

A Sleeper is effective, but Nemesis is soon back to damaging the leg of Ricci. Back and forth with hard hits and damage inflicted until one sudden move brings things to a close for one sore battler.

Divina Angel gives Divina a choice of matches at the start of this contest. After Angel's proclamation that a No DQ match would be "really good for me, but really bad for you," Divina agrees to a 2 out of 3 falls match and it initially seems a good choice. After punishing Angel with a number of armlocks and leglocks, Divina is able to secure a Boston Crab on her already weakened opponent.

Angel's submission and the first fall of the match follow quickly afterwards. Into the second round, and this time Angel wastes no time in gaining control of the bout. Divina does her best to resist, but with escape from Angel's clutches inevitable and with a KO looming, Divina submits to level the score at With just one fall to decide the match, Divina does her best to avoid Angel's Sleeper for a second time. And in the end, it is not a sleeper that wins the match but a Headscissors that KO's one determined wrestler.

Rachel Summerlyn A two-out-of-three-falls match for Summerlyn's championship belt. Leva uses her speed to her advantage in the first fall, hitting Summerlyn with numerous Dropkicks. But she goes to the well one too many times and Summerlyn avoids a Dropkick and locks on a Texas Cloverleaf that forces Leva to tap out. Summerlyn takes control in the second fall, hitting Leva with power moves such as a Suplex, Sidewalk Slam and belly-to-belly Suplex, but Leva escapes from a potentially devastating Fisherman's and hits Summerlyn with a DDT.

A Sunset Flip secures the second fall for the challenger. The two battle through the final fall with Summerlyn firing away with elbows and forearm smashes, and Leva coming back with reverse Hammerlocks and a clever near-fall with a schoolboy pin rollup. Leva gains control and connects with three Clotheslines that leave Summerlyn dazed.

Who takes that all-important 3rd fall?! Little Jeanne Despite her self-proclaimed status as a supermodel, in the ring, Amy is first and foremost a wrestler - A fact that Jeanne is quickly reminded of when she makes the mistake of turning her back on her opponent.

From the outset, Amy dominates this contest. Caught off guard by Amy's initial sneak attack, Jeanne can do nothing to halt the onslaught of offense from Amy. And when she isn't torturing Jeanne, Amy scores numerous 2-counts in her quest for victory.

Unfortunately, Jeanne's defiance only serves to prolong her suffering as Amy continues to dominate the action. Despite the one-sided nature of the match, it comes down to one wrestler's quick thinking that decides this contest.

Su Yung Jayme Jameson debuts here against Su Yung, and opens the match showing some skill as the two grapplers reverse each others' Side Headlocks and reverse Hammerlocks and Armbars. Su gains the upperhand using some questionable tactics -including hairpulls and rope chokes-and attacks Jayme with painful Reverse Chinlocks, anklelocks, a Spinning Toehold, a belly claw and a nerve pinch. Jayme won't stay down, and she shows her ring-smarts with some smart reverses, including a near pinfall when she blocks a Suplex and turns it into a small package rollup.

Su goes to work on Jayme's legs next, keeping her on the mat with numerous leg sweeps, kicks to the thigh and a Figure Four Leglock, which Jayme manages to reverse. Jayme looks for her opening, and finds one when she whips Su into the turnbuckle, then slams her into an over-the-knee Backbreaker. Jayme fires away with knee drops, Snapmares, a Surfboard, an over-the-shoulder Backbreaker and several reverse chicken wing submissions.

The match ends when one grappler connects with a leg sweep that is immediately turned into a Boston Crab. And then, there's nothing for her opponent to do but tap out. Jack Bonza We start this mixed challenge with a pose-off by both wrestlers.

It's not long before April less-than-honestly takes control and has Jack on the mat and in trouble. April takes it right to her opponent with Toeholds, Surfboards, Body Slams, and an impressive Bearhug. April has Jack begging for mercy almost immediately, but she really wants to teach him a lesson. One painful leg stretch has Jack repeating every thing April says, just for the chance she might show some mercy and let him go.

April's not finished till she's finished though The two square off move for move until Malia gets the upper hand with a hip toss leading to the first submission attempt, an arm-stretching Surfboard. It isn't long before the hold is reversed and Malia gets a taste of her own medicine. Neither lady is close to giving up and the action continues as the wrestlers trade Headlocks and Headscissors.

There isn't a moment to rest as the holds are reversed as quickly as they're applied. An Armbar, Camel Clutch and toehold push Malia to the limit, but this isn't her first rodeo and she withstands Angela's onslaught.

The Legend turns things around, pounding Angela's leg and softening her up for a heelhook. Angela escapes only to be trapped in an excruciating Bow and Arrow hold. Both wrestlers show a lot of heart but a ferocious Figure Four Leglock causes one warrior to verbally submit. Holly Blossom Sisters Hannah and Holly like to team up, but on this day they're on opposite sides of the squared circle.

The Blossom sisters not only look alike, they think alike as well. The result is a highly entertaining match where each identical twin has to go to great lengths to surprise the other.

These ladies know each other so well that that is not an easy task, and it shows in the opening stages of the match. An early test of strength ends in a stalemate and some excellent chain wrestling doesn't lead to a clear advantage either. Eventually the Headlocks and pinning combinations make place for prolonged Bearhugs, Headscissors, Suplexes, and Figure Four leglocks. Both wrestlers are eager to prove to the other that they're the one who carries the team, so things get pretty heated in the end.

A questionable ending leaves several questions unanswered, and leaves us asking for a rematch! Shantelle Taylor Referee April Hunter has her hands full as these two grind it out across 3 falls with bites, chokes and finger rakes thrown in for good measure. These ladies are experts at inflicting maximum punishment with great technique, fully displayed here as Nikki suffers in Surfboards, Crucifix Armbars, Figure Four leglocks and a Mexican Ceiling Hold before succumbing to a tight Sleeper that gives Shantelle the first fall.

Roxx counters with Bodyscissors, Surfboards, anklelocks, Boston Crabs and a Sleeper of her own as she sets Shantelle up for a devastating Barbie Crusher that evens the falls. All bets are off heading into the final fall and the back and forth battle continues until that dreaded Sleeper puts one of these exhausted fighters out for good.

Despite the tough battle the winner has enough left to pick a fight with the referee who winds up on the wrong end of yet another Sleeper!

The two kayoed victims are helpless to prevent the victor from indulging in a little lipstick graffiti humiliation on her foes. Danny Demanto DeManto is accustomed to tossing opponents half his size around the Slamminladies ring but the no nonsense Martinez has taken down bigger foes than him. Danny starts strong, using his superior size and strength as he tortures Mercedes in various fingerlocks.

Martinez has enough and delivers a vicious mule kick to escape a straightjacket before unloading on the behemoth with a barrage of stiff punches, forearms, kicks and stomps as she brawls her way back into the match. What ensues is a donnybrook of high impact action. Ohhh she is so dam cute! Wanilianna 14 Posing in the woods wearing high-heels sheer seamed stockings vintage open bottom girdle pencil skirt sheer nylon top in sizzling hot poses.

October 20 NylonJane 15 Ohh my! Wow she is a goddess KyrasNylons 20 Posing in platform classic high-heeled pumps shiny lace-top stockings lace garterbelt matching bra pleated mini-skirt in sizzling hot poses. Savanah 20 With Lily on her bed both wearing pumps stockings bra,s enjoying each other! Ohhhh wish i was in the middle! NylonSue 15 Ohh my she is sizzling hot in this preview set posing in a pair of pumps shear seamed stockings garterbelt sheer black panties dress and nylon gloves!

Wow she is dam hot! DomKarin 9 Posing on a soft leather chair wearing sheer shiny nylons lace garterbelt with matching bra in some sizzling hot leg poses. SamanthaLegs 16 Ohhh my! Another sizzling hot preview set! Posing in high-heeled platform thigh-high leather boots lace-top stay-up stockings crothless panties tightly boned corset pvc mini-skirt long rubber gloves she is a goddess! October 2 RedXXXOhh my the Goddess of the internet and in more of this hot sexy set enjoying herself with her sexy girlfriend wearing platform classic high-heeled pumps seamed stockings sheer panties garterbelt and in some serious tong action!

September 29 StricklyGlamour 12 Jaimee a sexy long haired lady posing in shiny leather high-heeled thigh-high boots nylons panties garterbelt half bra wielding a riding crop. StockingsVRWholly Doodles she is a cutie! ClaudesSexySettings Kyla Cole wearing pumps sheer pantyhose trenchcoat in sizzling hot poses! MissAdastea 15 Ohhh my! Posing in high-heeled classic pumps stockings over pantyhose garterbelt sheer nylon top showing her perfect big round breasts in sizzling hot poses.

JoannaBliss 16 With Joanne playing pool with another knockout! She is a knockout! SavanahSexy mature lady posing in platform pumps stay-up stockings panties petticoats lace trimmed bra in erotic poses. We as a country survived the occupation of the government and the White House by forces so corrupt the entire idea of America rested on the sharp end of a pin about to totter, topple, and be destroyed.

After those eight years of horror, plus the prelude years of horror to come, and how we survived all of that, we learned a truly valuable lesson that Abraham Lincoln learned only after hundreds of thousands of dead countrymen. We wrote about that lesson learned on April 19, — exactly ten years after our first publication date:. The country, had to hit Ba-rock bottom. We are reconciled to the Barack Obama presidency now that it is over. We are reconciled to the Obama occupation of the White House because we realize that as painful, as horrible, as destructive and hateful as it was, the country had to hit rock bottom.

The eight years of Barack bottom horrors had to be endured so that we could enjoy the election of Donald J. On April 19, we began to publish this website. How does the preeminent pro-Hillary Clinton website go from there to proud support of Donald J.

Trump answered that question for us all with the selection of his campaign theme song: America needed Donald J. To get there, to get to the top, we had to endure the Obama swamps, the bottom of the barrel.

We had to hit Ba-rock bottom. A Hillary Clinton victory in , as much as we wanted it, was not what the country needed. A John McCain victory in , as much as we wanted it, was not what the country needed.

A Mitt Romney victory in , as much as we wanted it, was not what the country needed. We got what we needed. Brett Kavanaugh was a judicial nominee. Some will hope the investigation snares C. Ford and her many lies and that perhaps her past of sex and liquor will be at long last revealed. Some hope that the dirty works of Dianne Feinstein will be exposed. Some hope the totalitarian left will be exposed. The totalitarian left hopes for success to block the nominee and secure power in November.

We suspect that at the end of the week nothing new will be revealed against the nominee and the Obama Dimocrats that opposed will continue to resist. What has this day wrought? No longer will GOP voters be fooled by their sort. The Obama Dimocrat Party is fully revealed too. Brett Kavanaugh revealed himself yesterday not as a man on fire but as a Pillar of Fire. President Lincoln was a great leader in the White House. President Trump is a great leader in the White House. This as the Obama Dimocrats led by Coons are pulling the rug out from under Flake!

Bald Coons pulling the rug — get it? The only thing missing is a floor full of rakes for Flake to go full Sideshow Bob on. Flake wants a one week binge but Coons wants to go all the way:.

Coons won't commit to accepting this "short" delay as the end of things. If there are more allegations, they should be investigated. This is an open invitation for more Obama Dimocrat paid for loons to send anonymous letters with allegations.

The next thing will be the F. I have been reading this site since when I left the D party. If she had disclosed this alleged event in therapy 6 years ago and had received the appropriate treatment, as I would have expected from a professional in the field, she would have uncovered more details of the event.

She also would have been able to recover from the PTSD symptoms and anxiety. I have had clients with multiple abuses who have recovered fully. One event, no matter how traumatic it may have been would not still be haunting you after you had 6 years in therapy, if you received the right kind of therapy EMDR is one. That being said, I would never advised my client to go public with an event she could not substantiate fully.

Many of my clients do not believe her and feel it is political. That is why I know it was politically motivated.

The Democrats have, in my opinion, traumatized her more than the alleged event that she believes to have happened. It is getting worse and I fear there is no end in sight for them. My heart goes out to all of those on this site who have truly been abused. This incident did not help them. Now lets get to the vote…this needs to happen to send a clear message to the Democrat obstructionists.

The vote was The nomination now moves to the full U. Flake lived up to his name. Antics by Flake are confused at best but appear to be that Flake wants a week long F.

When Obama Dimocrats want more than a week after the first week goes by Flake will Flake out again? Tomorrow the Senate vote will be most interesting. Women who have been raped, for real , can smell a rat who gives women who have really been raped a tougher time when it comes to being believed. There were too many lapses of memory — even of events from a few weeks or even days ago — let alone 36 years ago.

Too many of those recent lapses of memory involved potential embarrassments to herself. The now exposed blatant lie that she could not testify because she suffered fear of flying due to the alleged rape decades earlier — it turned out she was on the east coast when that lie was on every news broadcast.

Not only was she on the east coast but it then emerged that she was a frequent flyer on flights of fancy vacations to very very distant places on very very long plane trips. Then, more memory lapses. Did she turn over materials she declared too personal to give to the investigative committee staff to Big Media outlet The Washington Post a few weeks earlier?

Who paid for her polygraph test of two questions and was it recorded? Normals viewed it as lies plain and simple. This morning even Trump haters such as Corker and Flake have decided to vote for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Most powerful television testimony ever.

We expect the entire nation is as stunned by his testimony as we are. It is not just the great power of his testimony.

This is a great moment in the life of the nation. We never thought it would be like this. We thought this would be a tawdry congressional hearing for a good but uninspiring nominee. God Bless Judge Kavanaugh for what he has endured and what he has taught us. The Judiciary Committee will vote Friday on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, with Republicans now confident they have enough support to get him to the full Senate floor where an initial test vote will occur Saturday.

This confirmation process has become a national disgrace. Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed. Big Media and the totalitarian left want to believe, not based on reality, that there will be no Supreme Court appointment before the elections in November. The afternoon session will be easy. Look at my appeals court decisions because they did happen. Not since since Erica Jong wrote her book have we heard so much about Fear of Flying.

Christine Testifies — Witness for the Prosecution:. The calendars from submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee by Brett Kavanaugh regarding his activities in that long ago year have given us great doubt about his judgment.

The man, boy at that time, went to see the movie Grease 2. The original Grease movie was excellent but Grease 2 was almost as horrific as the thought of Michelle Obama in a Bikini.

With the supposed cancellation of the meeting if not, prepare for big-big-big updates between President Trump and Rodent Rosenstein , America will not be distracted and we can all focus on the Brett Kavanaugh Grease 2 scandal. Because Grease 2 so dirtied American culture in it made us delve deeply into the cultural milieu of the time.

We hit pay dirt. It was a time of musical travesties Pac Man Fever??? The full horror of the time can be revisited in a Manhattan Transfer musical effort from a few years earlier which provides the soundtrack of this last week of September and especially for this Thursday, September 27, Pity the young Brett Kavanaugh who might have innocently and awkwardly danced to this song in that long ago summer before college.

Today the song must fill him with dread:. Brett Kavanaugh is bewildered by the bizarre unspecific allegations against him from dubious sources which we tried vainly to document in our previous article. Our proposal is based on what has happened during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

Brett Kavanaugh was subjected to interruptions and insults and his daughters and wife forced to witness nasty attacks against Brett Kavanaugh from the Obama Dimocrats currently serving in the Senate and from their paid-for cronies in the audience.

The Republicans supposedly in charge did nothing to stop the circus. They were afraid to confront the ugliness. This led to more phony accusers to smear Brett Kavanaugh. Why did Chairman Grassley and the Republicans do nothing to stop the assaults against Brett Kavanaugh in the Senate committee room? This group that poses as GOP senators but is more like Obama Dimocrats, might sound like a musical act from the s, but their goal is to destroy President Trump.

If Brett Kavanaugh is not confirmed or his confirmation to the Supreme Court is delayed for more than a week then Ditch Mitch. Ditch Mitch, all committee chairs and Paul Ryan should be immediately forced out via a dischage petition filed in the House of Representatives. Mitch should be ditched as well as all committee chairs. Paul Ryan should be forced out via a discharge petition filed in the House.

Make the GOP establishment pay the price — their power. This website has always been a whine-free-zone. Even in the most NeverTrump swamps National Review and from the most NeverTrump writers Rich Lowry there is a recognition that the fight to confirm Brett Kavanaugh is a confirmation of President Trump and his leadership style: The attempted political assassination of Brett Kavanaugh is bad for the country, but good for a Trumpian attitude toward American politics.

At least three premises have been underlined by the tawdry events of the past couple of weeks. First, that good character is no defense. If you are John McCain, who genuinely tried to do the right thing and carefully cultivated a relationship with the media over decades, they will still call you a racist when you run against Barack Obama.

If you are Mitt Romney, an exceptionally earnest and decent man, they will make you into a heartless and despicable vulture capitalist, also for the offense of campaigning against Obama. Second, that the media is an unremitting political and cultural adversary. Process and norms are nice, but they go out the window as soon as something important is at stake, like a potential fifth vote on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v.

Senate Democrats may delicately talk about the importance of norms and civility on Sunday shows, but watch how they act. They sat on an accusation throughout an extensive process of vetting and questioning a nominee, then declared it dispositive evidence against his confirmation when it leaked at the eleventh hour. They delayed a hearing with Christine Blasey Ford long enough to allow time for the second accuser to be persuaded to come forward.

He may not be a constitutionalist, but he will be faithful to his own side, and fiercely battle it out with his political opponents. John McCain and Mitt Romney were so afraid of being called racists they encouraged race-baiters to attack and exploit their own brand of racism.

Everyone deserves better than this. When President Trump was attacked as being rich during the primaries, President Trump declared he was richer than anyone can imagine.

You fight by fighting, not by cowering and whining about how unfair the beatings are. The GOP cowered and hired a woman to conduct questions on their behalf. So the GOP cowered on age discrimination plus racial discrimination plus gender discrimination by hiring Rachel Mitchell to conduct the questions for them.

The premise that decades old high school he said he said he said yeah several men and she said she said she said, no corroborations, no actual witnesses, politically inspired confirmations from people who are not witnesses, and Big Media baiting, will somehow be resolved by investigations or hearings is entirely foolish.

Supporters of Kavanaugh will remain supporters of Kavanaugh and supporters of Blasen Ford will remain supporters of Blasen Ford. This is chasing a wild greased goose riding on a greased pig none of which will be caught but every chaser will be greased2.

Rachel Mitchell might be the most wonderful lawyer ever. But she will fail. Rachel Mitchell will fail today because she is used to having uninterrupted hours to question a victim or an accused perpetrator. Rachel Mitchell is used to dealing with everyday low-life scum and scoundrels. Rachel Mitchel today will face the lowest of the low: Rachel Mitchell will not be able to ask questions. Obama Dimocrats will interrupt her constantly.

Obama Dimocrats will not follow up on her questions but instead do everything to derail the questions directed at Christine Blasey Blasen Ford. The GOP might have some surprises, some bombshells: Kavanaugh, could have been responsible for the encounter Christine Blasey Ford describes when she says she was sexually assaulted at a high school party 36 years ago. The Judiciary Committee Republican staff did not release any details about the men, but said each had been interviewed, and one had provided a written statement.

Blasey Ford is slated to testify about her memories of the assault. Two men and Brett Kavanaugh??? Two men step forward to say Kavanaugh accuser may have mistaken them for the judge https: But if not, Ditch Mitch, Bury Ryan, remove the GOP establishment, that cowered and allowed this s unmusical travesty to be inflicted on the nation.

No specific dates are offered, just the years Judge Kavanaugh has responded with incredulity at these incredulous allegations. We have four initial questions about the Julie Swetnick allegations: Ramirez level stupefied drunk or Christine Ford level highballing?

If not, why not, as you say you remember these events clearly? Did you take Quaaludes recreationally in the 80s and did you mention any of these lurid behaviors of train rapes and Quaaludes to those investigators researching you for security clearances?

The target is China election meddling in U. Opponents of President Trump on his wise decision to impose sanctions on Iran and dump the Barack Hussein Obama deal which gifted billions to Iran for their terrorist activities — will be France and Germany. President Trump will schlong them all. On the domestic front in the war against totalitarian leftists , the Judiciary Committee has not received the materials requested from Blasen-Blasey which are a condition for her to appear tomorrow.

First, the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on Friday at 9: ET on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. The Judiciary Committee is fighting with itself as Grassley went after Dirty Dianne Feinstein and Feinstein and the Obama Dimocrat flim-flammers object to a professional woman lawyer asking Blasen-Blasey questions. The creepy porn lawyer made news today that does not help the Blasen brigades. Creepy porn lawyer promised to produce this woman who allegedly also went to high school with Blasen-Blasey within 48 hours.

No one knows who the joke is on but there is a joke. We think the joke is on Creepy Porn Lawyer and Christine Blasen-Blasey Ford and all those who have made wild flim-flam allegations against the virginal Brett Kavanaugh.

Third, the story we should all be focused on. President Trump beat up Iran, China, and globalism. President Trump defended America and patriotism. The totalitarian leftists are all shook up. Fourth, Project Veritas unleashed another video. Finally, we hear Rod Rosenstein has a severe case of diarrhea in anticipation of meeting President Donald J.

On February we wrote what everyone at the time thought was rather overheated and controversial, but has proven absolutely exactly on target correct:. As we end President Trump first term week 2 — Obama Dimocrats are all hyper crazy all the hyper time now with their ceaseless, senseless, tactical tricks against President Trump.

This Dim crazy has left politics behind and entered the realm of psychiatry. Will it ever stop? For the present everyone on the left, right, and center, should understand that the leftist Obama Dimocrat insanity will continue unabated. Indeed, our diagnosis indicates that the fever swamps will only continue to grow, the madness will be ever more stark, and that we have not yet witnessed the Obama Dimocrat peak crazy.

These are dangerous delusions. The left is not even near full madness. No, the fever madness will rise to levels not seen since Fort Sumter. Smear upon smear has been dumped on Judge Kavanaugh. That latest is third-hand jerkoff allegations from someone that says she knows someone that knows someone that knows someone that thinks something happened sometime a long time ago — all presented by the creepy porn lawyer who wants to run for president based on his exploitation of a stripper who works cheap clubs with over-cologned men with desperate lives.

Even the callow Trump hating Guy Benson saw through the ploy:. Read this paragraph from the New York Times, then re-read it. This past weekend there was a military parade in Iran and then there was gunfire.

In light of President Trump strong moves against Iran is this the beginning of civil war in Iran? The attack in Ahvaz saw gunfire sprayed into a crowd of marching Revolutionary Guardsmen, bystanders and government officials watching from a nearby riser.

The topic will be… Iran. President Trump tore into Iran with sanctions and ripped up the treacherous agreement Hussein Obama colluded with Iran. In a sane world, Iran would be the topic of conversation. Instead the topic of conversation has been smears against Judge Kavanaugh and the great topic of the day… the resignation of corrupt Rod Rosenstein. The stories ran rampant this morning. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has verbally resigned to Chief of Staff John Kelly in anticipation of being fired by President Trump , according to a source with direct knowledge.

Per a second source with direct knowledge: It was not immediately clear whether Rosenstein intended to resign at the White House over the commotion caused by his remarks last year, or if was simply expecting that he would be fired.

That distinction matters in terms of whether the president would be able to name an interim successor of his own choosing. Finally one outlet on Big Media notes what we have long noted about the distinction between a resignation and a firing.

As we have constantly agitated for the resignation of AGINO Jeff Sessions, the useless lump of flesh, we have noted that President Trump should continue to attack Sessions in an effort to force Sessions to resign.

We wrote about why it was imperative that Jeff Sessions be forced to resign, not be fired, forced to resign — so that President Trump could immediately appoint a replacement Attorney General under authority of the Vacancies Act. One issue the WH is dealing with is the Vacancies Act has not yet been determined to be applicable if the vacancy was caused by firing. The one thing the Deep State and their lackeys hated most was when we wrote that Jeff Sessions should be forced to resign.

Rod Rosenstein should resign but Jeff Sessions must resign. On Thursday as Judge Kavanaugh fights totalitarian left smears President Trump will meet with half-the-stench Rosenstein and decide his fate. President Trump holds all the cards now. Whether he knows it or not Rod Rosenstein is now without testicles or penis, politically speaking. President Trump could torture the fellow and let him stay at DOJ — like a eunuch in a harem — eyeing the perfumed concubines but unable to perform.

President Trump is like a cat like a lion toying with a squirrel:. Here it is in case you haven't seen it yet. As to Kavanaugh, all sides have made profit from him. The Obama Dimocrats for once played a smart game, dirty and disgusting, but smart, considering the perilous position they have been in. But now the returns are diminished and on Thursday the Obama Dimocrats will continue to go crazy but their game is over.

The GOP too has made a profit from the smears against Kavanaugh. Chairman Grassley made himself appear compassionate and understanding by letting the smears against Kavanaugh gain traction and by allowing Christine Blasey Ford to intimidate the Committee. The abuse of Kavanaugh also profited the GOP because Trump supporters are so infuriated they can barely be contained in their righteous anger. This helps the GOP in their turnout operations.

For a long time there was debate about whether a late October confirmation vote was better politically for the midterm elections than a vote in late September. Kavanaugh will be confirmed and GOP voters will bigly turnout for the elections in anger against the smears. As to the top story, Iran, we can only laugh as we stare into our crystal ball and see what the future holds for the bearded eunuchs of the emasculated Persian Empire of Terror.

A lot of traffic for this article coming from Twitter and Facebook readers who want to know about drunk Christine Blasey Ford. For more on this see one of our subsequent articles which discusses Cultofthe1st amendment which has been banned by Google.

No videos of a professor. If you can find anything let me know. But I think the interns behind the two front doors have done their job. We graduated in Hooking up with guys at Henderson Street. Eating at Time Out. Remember those days, Christine? Tell us about them. More on this tomorrow — the New Yorker story on another woman making accusations against Judge Kavanaugh published: The claim dates to the academic school year, when Kavanaugh was a freshman at Yale University.

The woman at the center of the story, Deborah Ramirez, who is fifty-three, attended Yale with Kavanaugh, where she studied sociology and psychology. Later, she spent years working for an organization that supports victims of domestic violence. She was at first hesitant to speak publicly, partly because her memories contained gaps because she had been drinking at the time of the alleged incident. After six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney , Ramirez said that she felt confident enough of her recollections to say that she remembers Kavanaugh had exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away.

The people who knew me then know that this did not happen, and have said so. This is a smear, plain and simple. I look forward to testifying on Thursday about the truth, and defending my good name—and the reputation for character and integrity I have spent a lifetime building—against these last-minute allegations. White House spokesperson Kerri Kupec said the administration stood by Kavanaugh. This claim is denied by all who were said to be present and is wholly inconsistent with what many women and men who knew Judge Kavanaugh at the time in college say.

The White House stands firmly behind Judge Kavanaugh. At one point, she said, a male student pointed a gag plastic penis in her direction. Later, she said, she was on the floor, foggy and slurring her words as that male student and another stood nearby.

Ramirez identified the two male onlookers, but, at her request, The New Yorker is not naming them. A third male student then exposed himself to her. Ramirez acknowledged that there are significant gaps in her memories of the evening , and that, if she ever presents her story to the F.

The New Yorker has not confirmed with other eyewitnesses that Kavanaugh was present at the party. One of the male classmates who Ramirez said egged on Kavanaugh denied any memory of the party. He was a roommate to some of us, and we spent a great deal of time with him, including in the dorm where this incident allegedly took place.

Some of us were also friends with Debbie Ramirez during and after her time at Yale. We can say with confidence that if the incident Debbie alleges ever occurred, we would have seen or heard about it—and we did not.

The behavior she describes would be completely out of character for Brett. Editors from the New Yorker contacted some of us because we are the people who would know the truth, and we told them that we never saw or heard about this.

We shared intimate details of our lives. And I was never told this story by her, or by anyone else. It never came up.

Read the entire smear for yourself. Of course, she was drunk, and not for the first time. All the people she herself declares to be witnesses refute her account. This does not stop the Obama Dimocrat innuendo machine — as other Yale students who were not there declare the story they want to believe to be true.

Yale students against Kavanaugh? Could this have anything to do with this latest smear??? More mad ramblings of a politically motivated drunk whore? We provided phone numbers and contacts on how to get that most important job done. THIS, from the comments is important:. This is a very smart, albeit dirty, but very smart strategy by Obama Dimocrats to solve myriad dilemmas.

We have to give these filthy thugs credit. The question is will Republicans and Trump supporters take advantage of the big opportunities presented or will they make a mess of things by not seeing what is happening and what the objectives of Obama Dimocrats really are?

It is a very smart Obama Dimocrat strategy not just a simple delay tactic of a Supreme Court nomination:. Trump became President Donald J.

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