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Sitting by the in-store espresso machine, Daniel Claesson, head of business development and online at H&M, said the revamp had increased both the store's sales and footfall. H&M declined to give figures.

Is this not abit contradictory if you dont think i am entitled to refund the first time why suggest i go and sign it then come back in when there so concerned about customer security and fraud.

I've seen pictures of some of the new H&M Conscious Collection online. I liked a few of the pieces.
H&M Metals started as a small sheet metal fabricator. Today, it also manages a supply chain of manufacturing nichapie.mlon: 9A Columbia Dr, Amherst, , NH.
Late order. If you were in that big a hurry why didn't you just go to the store and buy it? I never order anything online I can't wait for. You have to give yourself time for inventory ups and downs, transit time, and delivery. For me, I never worry until at least 4 weeks go by, and that has been my motto for over 20 years. Shipping delays happen.
H&M or forever 21? Answers I've always wanted to order from here! The only thing they offered me was a 20% coupon for my next purchase online. I ended up going to the store near my home and explained the entire situation and they were gracious and kind enough to refund me for both items. Such angels at that store/5(K).
Has anyone ordered/purchased from H&M MAMA (their maternity line)? I want to order some items online but I'm hesitant due to sizing. I know their non-maternity clothes tend to run small, but the sizing chart online has me confused.

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I ordered jeans and pants from HM mama line. I am small though, 5'2" and the weight has gone from to The clothes fits fine, just tends to be too long for me. I am actually wearing jeans and a t-shirt from them today. I am 5'2" and am about right now. The shirt is a large and the pants are a Not sure how much longer the pants will work because the belly part on these is not super stretchy but it stays up really well. I have plenty room to grow in the shirt.

Excuse the brightly colored room. My 7 year old has the only full length mirror in the house. Click the picture for a better view! Their stuff is hit and miss. I bought some tops and they fit great, so I ordered more of the same in the same size and they are too small. Some stuff fits and others not so much. I ordered black slacks from their line in size 8. They fit very tight while standing and I just didn't see it working for the rest of my pregnancy. It may not last forever but I have decided what is most wonderful about it.

Two nights ago I was concerned for my husband so I did not get dressed for bed. I awoke a few times but not enough that I wanted to get into the shower and a gown. It is so soft, so comfortable and where can you get a better long-sleeve, soft night shirt for that price!!!

I've bought some myself. But as you say I'm glad your husband is better. I liked a few of the pieces. Browse our new arrivals. The overall service I have received has been sub-standard and I am left exasperated after a series of inexcusable events and appalling customer service. A few days after I placed my order, a pair of trainers I had ordered mysteriously disappeared from the order.

Upon calling the customer service team, I was advised that they were out of stock and that I would not be sent them. I personally believe a customer should not be allowed to order an item if it is not in stock. Whilst I understand that errors can occur, it would have been common courtesy for a member of staff to contact me, by email or otherwise, to let me know that I would not be receiving the item.

After waiting a few weeks, I contacted customer service to see where my parcel was, since the link to the hermes tracking system was rather confusing, showing contradicting information. The customer service advisor could not advise me of any more information. From that moment on, I began to call every other day or so with the same request, since Christmas was looming. Each time I was told that there was no extra information and no way of me contacting hermes directly.

Eventually, a very helpful girl offered to contact hermes on my behalf and request that they call me to advise me of why my parcel was so delayed. The call never came. As a result, I called customer services to request a call back from hermes again, and yet again the call never came. This situation continued all the way to the 23rd December, the day before Christmas eve, when on this occasion the customer service advisor told me that the parcel was damaged and as a result needed to be returned to the depot.

I was not going to receive any of the items, and when they were returned to the depot they could not be re-sent to me, they just simply went back into stock. As you might imagine, I was left hugely disappointed and rather infuriated at having to spend my first day of my Christmas holidays, Christmas Eve, hastily buying emergency Christmas presents. After Christmas, I managed to re-order the leather jacket I was so desperate for, along with a pillow from the Versace range.

I received a text message saying that my Hermes delivery was being delivered during the day, but upon arriving home from work the package could not be seen, and after entering my house, I saw a calling card had been dropped through my letterbox. Hermes had left the parcel behind a wheelie bin on the street.

I called customer services and they put a request in to hermes to never leave a parcel behind the bin again. Upon opening the package, the Leather jacket was missing and only the pillow was included. There were no signs of tampering with the parcel whatsoever. After contacting customer services, I was told that I should fill in the delivery note stating that the item was not delivered, take a photo of it and send it to the necessary email address.

I had already completed these steps, yet I was being sent the information on how to do it again. Once again, this parcel was left behind the bin, despite me being promised this would not happen again. The sticker on the front had the correct code for the leather jacket, but the item inside was incorrect. I called customer services to ensure I got refunded immediately, but was told to scan in the invoice and arrange collection of the incorrect item.

I asked to speak to a supervisor regarding the issue, who I explained all of the problems to from start to finish. To give her credit, she requested the refund of the 2 leather jackets that I did not ever receive immediately. She promised to check daily and to telephone me the following Sunday. I have completely lost faith in the company and want you to be aware of the disappointment I feel.

I would very much appreciate a reply to this message, to see if you might be able to ensure that no other customer will receive such a shocking level of customer service.

He had been contacted by someone from social media in Sweden who had picked up my complaint and asked him to contact me. I have some negative as well as positive things to report. Firstly I did receive an apology. The first yet, which was very pleasing to here. An email was sent to Hermes asking them for a record of all contact regarding the three order numbers that were relevant to the case.

I found myself asking what the point of this was. Admirable, but again not helpful to my particular complaint. It was made clear to me that if a parcel is damaged and must be returned to the depot, a customer service representative will endeavor to reorder the same item s for the customer, but the customer must pay for the item AGAIN, and wait up to 3 weeks for the original parcel to be returned to the depot before they receive a refund. This, I believe, is absolutely outrageous.

I know that the agents have the power to contact the accounts department directly and request an immediate refund, as this happened to me regarding the leather jacket. It will only be refunded immediately if the customer complains. Brian told me that the company has a policy to try to resolve an issue at the point of the first call.

At this point, it was explained that the supervisors have little more power than the regular agents and that they are there so that if a customer feels that they want to speak to a higher ranked member of staff, they will be pacified by being passed to a supervisor. I believe this to be totally appalling. Supervisors should have much more power and ability to make decisions and should not be used as a tool to appease irate customers when they wish to speak to someone of a higher status.

I will post the response below. I asked more than one shoe repair shop and I got the same answer. I called the store this morning and was told that provided I had the boots and the original receipt there should be no problem, so I was surprised by the reaction I received when I got there.

I saw a young woman at the checkout and she told me that she would have to get the manager. The Manager's attitude was bording on rude and it was obvious that she had "attitude" and was not interested in trying to resolve the problem. Her reply was that they had sold many of these boots and this was the only pair coming back.

I tried to reason whith her and also quoted the "Sales of goods Act". So she said she had to consult with another manager and when she came back after about 5 minutes, her attitude was "its your problem, you deal with it". She then practically threw their card at me and said that if I was not happy I could call their Customer Services and walked off.

I was so taken aback and it took me a few minutes to realise that I had just been left standing. I went over to the assistant I had stopen to earlier and asked her for the Manager's name. She told me that she could not give me her name but I insisted and told her that I was going to make a complaint. I then called their Customer Services Department, but they were equally unhelpful. The woman I spoke to told me that she would need to hear the Manager's side of the story, which infuriated me and I told her that I would never use their stores again.

Feb 21,  · H&M does not offer shipping from any of their overseas stores to the USA. Unfortunately that includes their online shopping website as well. My closest guess would be to Status: Resolved. Late order. If you were in that big a hurry why didn't you just go to the store and buy it? I never order anything online I can't wait for. You have to give yourself time for inventory ups and downs, transit time, and delivery. For me, I never worry until at least 4 weeks go by, and that has been my motto for over 20 years. Shipping delays happen. In recent months they've launched a brand new online store, a homeware collection and the Lanvin collection. And now they've just announced another prioject - they're introducing a mail order catalogue.