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juniors' swimwear Whether you're a surfer girl or a bikini babe, our collection of juniors' swimsuits will lead you to beachwear that satisfies your style. One pieces, bikinis, and sporty swim leggings come in the hottest trends and colors, vamping up the swimwear choices with graphic prints, flirty fringe, modern mesh and lace, and elegant.

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Barbie is always the center of attention when it comes to prom parties like this. Tonight there's a princess theme, and she's already picked out the perfect dress to wear and sparkle beneath the g Bird Cage thankfully did not follow the lead of the movie of the same name. All 7 of the staff seemed to be the real thing although one was questionable. Newly open in April , not much happening as yet. Has seating for only about 10 punters at bar and two tables.

Pool table takes up most of the floor space. Should consider putting a sofa against the back wall. Ladies were friendly LD 80 baht if a bit over the hill. Of course, often with age comes experience but hopefully not boredom. The two gals playing pool were totally inept so it seems that a punter could make a few points if he knows his way around a table. Discreet location could be a plus as soon as they find their niche.

Off road parking in rear. ST room s upstairs. Changed hands in March Closed by May Re-opened in Jun but now a Thai bar. Took over from Titty Twister in Not really a girls bar but does have a couple of waitresses. Still going in September The modus operandi has remained unchanged with naked girls diving into the swimming pool picking up coins for a total of baht.

Most girls, several threeholers among them, are still there. Also the petite bottle-blonde tomboy cashier is still there. First time I saw her, I thought a farang choir boy had got lost. The ST bar fine is still baht room included and the girls are still happy with 1, baht.

The four rooms upstairs are again available, but the room downstairs is in use by the owner now. Siam Country Club Road Short time bar.

Became Titties and Beer but closed in Soi Khao Noi eastern end New Zealand owned bar. Changed hands in mid Free pool table and bottled beers around the mark. Plenty of girls most days and can be fun in the bar.

She was 35 years old and not particularly beautiful and had her back full of Buddhist tattoos, but she knew how to deliver the goodies and seemed to really enjoy her job. The ST room on the first floor was very spacious with also a sofa in it; the bathroom was separate.

I think there was another ST room on the second floor, but as at most bars at the Dark Side ST rooms seem to be used only very sporadically. Just before Songkran, the Darkside seemed to be suffering a slowdown with many ladies returning home for the festival. There seemed to be a full complement of ladies and they were working hard to please the steady stream of customers. Word must be passing about that this is the place to be in these pre-Songkran days. A tip of the hat to the ladies there.

Some while ago a sale had been agreed but it dropped through with courts getting involved. The upshot is that Black Sheep is now back in the possession of the original Kiwi owner, Paul. The bar has been completely refurbished and an entirely new staff has been employed. Business has apparently been brisk since then. The bar has just changed hands, everything was great till I got the check bin and they had overcharged me. I pointed this out in a good way. It took three attempts to get it corrected and I didn't even hear an apology.

I have been there many times in the past and 4 times this month I left the usual 20 baht tip, not happy, I sat with two ladies who I bought two drinks each.

I gave them baht tip to share and they weren't happy either. I will go somewhere else. Update from Dick Farang, February Their price for an ST bar fine room included is still baht.

A still water is 45 baht and a non-alcoholic lady drink pineapple juice on the rocks is baht. The music was a bit loud for a closed beer bar and of the four girls I saw, two were totally uninterested. Barfine baht ST. The ST room upstairs is no longer used, but they do have a not particularly cosy, free room about metres up the soi. Soi Khao Talo New bar for Ownership connections with Papagayo. Barfines ST, LT.

Beers are 70 Baht and lady drinks are Baht. Seems to be building up the customers in Blue Cat Bar became Pacha in October Nicely kitted out, good aircon and seems to be a meeting bar for golfers.

Still going in August Comment from Dick Farang, August Soi Khao Talo southern end Bar and restaurant noted in September Boom's Bar became Aj's in February Soi Khao Talo 1km from Sukhumvit 1pm-1am boozeloungepattaya. New in summer Ownership connections with Infinity A-GoGo. Review from Dick Farang, November At my latest visit there were some cigarette smoking Brits and a couple of unattractive, stand-offish hostesses , only interested in lady drinks served in small liqueur glasses.

During most of my working life I have had to tolerate cigarette smoking colleagues. I wonder why I would waste time and good money now on breathing polluted air. Bottled Heineken still 85 baht, Chang and Leo 40 baht during happy hour. On the Dark Side Booze Lounge is located on the left hand side of Soi Khao Talo when coming from Sukhumvit Road, between the main entrance and the secondary entrance of Eakmongkon Project 4, more or less opposite Soi In fact this double shophouse is a part of the latest development of Eakmongkon Project 4 along Soi Khao Talo.

Most girls used to be rather chubby in not very inspiring black-and white dresses, but now they also have some good-looking girls in black-and-white striped bikinis. One of those bikini girls, Rose from Surin, is 28 years old, tall over 1. She was a real sweetheart and told me that she started working at the Booze Lounge one month ago and that she had been a cashier not going with customers at Angel Bar Beer on Soi Khao Noi, which she found too raunchy.

The price of the en suite ST rooms barfine included was baht for one hour. In fact these are bedrooms for the live-in girls and in a rather deplorable state for being less than five years old; no light in the bathroom. I picked up a leaflet for a Booze Cruise.

I wonder if this is going to pan out well because some years ago Sapphire Club on Soi 15 off Walking Street organised a girlie cruise and had to cancel it because of trouble with police.

Note from Pattaya-Live , June Drinks are reasonable with a Leo low life at 49b and only 40b during happy hour 1 till 6pm. About a dozen girls most of them lookers. Became Par 5 Bar in December Soi Nernplubwan 4km from Sukhumvit brassmonkeypattaya. Review from Dick Farang, May They also sell Dutch and Indonesian snacks, such as gehaktbal and bamischijf.

I got one extra beer on the house because the owner thought the beer was not cold enough, but for me it was OK. There was only one girl who could catch my fancy, but she completely ignored me Lady drink prices depend on what the girl wants: I guess it is the normal price for those drinks plus 30 baht for the girl.

ST bar fines room included are baht now; bottled Heineken and standard lady drinks are 95 baht now. Butterfly Bar off Soi Siam Country Club is still doing business as usual and about the cheapest bar on the Dark Side, for barfines and lady drinks that is.

They still open and close early and have females in all ages and sizes at a uniform price of 1, baht for ST. All of them are freelancers, who seem to value the discretion of the premises. Some of them appear to commute from as far as Rayong. Standard lady drinks still 80 baht 30 baht for the girl. Bottled Heineken still 80 baht.

All of them, slim or fat, cute or ugly, young or old expect the same ST fee: Some younger ones and not necessarily the nicest spinners seem to ignore older punters. For the last service aka DP or sandwich you will need a wingman. Standard lady drinks are still 80 baht, special lady drinks such as Spy pronounce: If you are horny you better arrive before 8 p. At my latest visit there were a dozen girls in all shapes and sizes, aged between twenty and forty years.

Prices are still the same; the girls get 30 baht for each baht lady drink. When I arrived there were two other customers. There were a couple of oldies and a blonde year-old spinner, Tanya. She had a minimal bosom, a slim body and a very good shape, although she had borne two babies. She was a good girl who did not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. She did not have tattoos, but she did have a navel piercing. As she had visited her family and not boom-boom for several days, she was very horny.

Even if Thai bargirls are technically prostitutes , the majority of them are self-confident and choosy, not wanting to be intimate with somebody they do not like.

Apart from junkies et al. Barfine is still baht, room included, probably the best bargain on the Dark Side. Soi Khao Noi Beer bar new for Became Welcome Inn by June It is a modest bar-restaurant serving pub grub with a small food shop, not really a girlie bar.

Although the staff are very friendly, they are also very shy and probably not barfineable. Friendly Aussie run place. A couple of seating pagodas in the front garden, plus seating by the front bar with sensible seat sizes. Drinks reasonable at 60 Baht for San Mig Lite for example. Soi Siam Country Club Short time bar.

Previously Churchill's but now more like a restaurant-pizzeria. Confirmed in September Previously Noi's Beer Bar. Became Saxo Bar in April Half a dozen girls on hand. But reports suggest that the girls don't seem very friendly. Now a Thai style restaurant. Reverted back to the name Due Cafe in September News from Dick Farang, September However, there is no link with the previous Belgian owner of Due Café.

Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 New beer bar for Went dark in September Soi Khao Noi Beer bar with a few ladies and cheap drinks. New for April Thai spirits 55 baht, bottled beer 65 Baht.

Lady drinks 60 Baht. Now Foxy Bar, see below. This is a very difficult place to park a car. Inside it is spacious and all but a restaurant. There is a big room with sofas that can be curtained off and appears to serve as a blow job area. The best looking girl was the year-old cashier, who said she had been a lady at Pacha Bar, but was no lady any longer.

I was told the ST bar fine was baht and an air-conditioned room somewhere at the rear was included. I was also told that, unlike at Pacha Bar, the girls were not allowed to smoke cigarettes inside. At Fabrice Bar on Soi Banlang bottled Heineken is still 80 baht and a lady drink apple juice baht; ST rooms are baht now no barfine due. Fabrice Bar on the corner of Soi Banlang and Soi Banlang Soi 8 is still as dark as ever and the bar stools are still as hard. This bar seems to increasingly specialise in oldies, who are more interested in playing pool than in "the real thing".

The ST rooms in fact rather nice en suite "standard" hotel rooms are baht now, "no barfine". On my latest visit still in "high" season I had the impression they even did have some real hotel guests, as I saw an elderly farang woman in the swimming pool.

I wonder however who, in their right mind, would want to spend their holidays in that dusty middle of nowhere. The swimming pool was deserted and inside the lounge were a huge, dark cashier and three girls, two fat ones and one half-decent one. The latter one was 28 years old, did smoke cigarettes, but did not want to smoke big cigar , was not overly enthusiastic and expected 1, baht for ST boom-boom. Fabrice Bar also has a pizzeria to the right of the building. If you want you can order some grub from there and consume it in the darkness of the lounge.

On Tuesdays they seem to have a buffet at baht. At this bar I always feel in a strange mood. Most girls are in their thirties and the younger ones completely ignore older punters. The bar is rather spacious and the girls are walking in and out all the time leaving an empty feel. Soi Kao Talo Bar with a few good looking girls, pool, darts and rooms. Further down on soi Siam Country club from the Black Pearl, by the lake. More than decent nosh, especially the curries.

Toby is upgrading the place and bringing in a certified Farang Chef. Soi Kao Noi Aircon bar returned after a spell as Route Dark in December Apart from a new sign and some Flintstones pictures nothing seems to have changed. The unused narrow stage with chrome poles, which separates the first part from the second, is still there. I saw four working girls: The empty spaces in the middle did not contribute to an intimate feel. The manager roaming the place all the time did not help either.

Unsurprisingly I was the only customer. One more who is going to bite the dust. At least no money was wasted on a refurbishment. Bottled Heineken 70 baht, 50 baht during happy hour. Closed in mid The Full Moon Bar. Beer bar Review from Dick Farang, March It used to be an open-fronted bar, but last year it was closed with see-through windows.

Their ST bar fine of baht now includes a nice and spacious room in a residence behind Tony's Fitness. In a single-unit shophouse on Soi Khao Talo, left of Krungthai Bank, where once the open-fronted short-lived Check In Beer Bar used to be, a new closed beer bar has opened: Full Moon Bar II.

Whereas many bars on lower Soi Khao Talo open at 4 p. At the rear is a too large bar counter with some bar stools. On the right-hand side are high tables with bar stools and mirrors on the upper half of the wall. On the left-hand side is bench seating with some low round tables and fake windows on the wall. I saw a couple of girls in the age range and rather fat. Contrarily to what the mamasan had told me shortly before the opening, there was no ST room.

All bottled beers baht during happy hour 1 p. Soi Khao Noi New girly bar opened in October Became Duke's Lounge in September Goldflower became Noy-T Bar in August Mabprachan Lake short time bar. By May the bar had become Rendezvous. Numplerbwan Soi 28 Beer bar.

Soi Khao Noi Beer bar for drinking and playing pool rather than girls. Often mentioned in dispatches. Soi Nernplubwan Beer bar opened October Verified in March Verified in October Closed by March The name seems to mean a waterside Parisian bar.

Closed in March Near Mapbrachan reservoir Beer bar. Closed by Le Rouge Sukhumvit: Closed in July Early report suggests middling girls. Update from Dick Farang, December The barfine is still baht also for the farm-fresh girls and I guess for the lone ladyboy and they still do not have ST rooms. Closed by April Bar with apartments Review from Dick Farang, September Bruin cafe Lucky Time Bar is a spacious bruin café cosy traditional Dutch style pub with snacks owned by Alex from Maastricht Netherlands and his Thai wife Nid from Buriram, who has lived in the Netherlands for many years and has acquired the Dutch nationality.

It is on the right-hand side of Soi Nern Plab Wahn when coming from Sukhumvit Road, about metres past the petrol station. Review from Thai Visa , March Review from Pattaya-Live , Jan Semi Conscious Sure is a nice bar, friendly staff, good pool table and 50 Baht Tiger. Cashier is a looker and loads of fun. Breakfast very good value. Just a shame you go out out for breakfast and go home several hours later semi conscious Review from Alex, Aug Owned by a Dutchman named Alex and his wife, they welcomed us and treated us as friends and not just customers they helped make me and my friends holiday This is a family orientated bar frequented by Expats from all over the world, It is well run and the perfect place to have a relaxed drink with family or friends.

The food served is fantastic and very well priced as is the beer 60 baht for an ice cold Singha miss it already The girls are a really friendly bunch and there is no nicer feeling than to come down in the morning and be greeted by your name The Apartments are spacious and very well presented and you have both aircon and a fan all are ensuite with daily cleaning service and towel exchange and most importantly inexpensive A previous review stated there were no short time rooms this is really not that sort of bar.

You are more than welcome to take ladies back to the bar for a drink or to your room I will definitely be stopping here again next year. Review from Pattaya Talk , February Nice Bar, Nice Girls Nice bar, nice girls, aircon pool room, darts etc.

No short time rooms though. Apart from the usual fuglies there is now also a year-old skinny girl, Ann. I did not notice ladyboys any longer. Barfine is baht now ST I guess and they suggest you go to the nearby motel. Mac's Bar on Soi Lablae now has an arrangement with the nearby 24 Hr. A ST baht barfine now includes a baht room at the said motel.

There were a number of average girls now, late twenties and thirties, and also some ladyboys. As to the interior not much if anything has changed and it is still as worn as before, but when it is empty your nose is rubbed in it much more.

I was the only customer and their only girl inside was a year-old fatty. Bottled Heineken is still a steep 90 baht 60 baht during happy hour from 3 p. Previously named Banana Bar but the name was disallowed. Girls once noted for missing items of underwear and an invite to check for yourselves.

Review from Dick Farang, June At Mango bar on Soi Khao Noi you have to ring the doorbell now and there is a good reason for it. There were a number of more or less naked not so young fatties cavorting around. She appeared to be bottomless under her dress, a threeholer, a real sweetheart and in an excellent shape for her 39 years. Similar to Paradise bar they also have a special counter behind which head can be given.

There is an indoor playground downstairs behind the bar and there is an en suite room upstairs. Former rumors about a change in ownership proved false. However, there has been a complete turnover of staff right down to and including the cashier. Only two words are needed to describe the new group:

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