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Baby blue suit is never controversial, therefore it can be paired easily, to nail down just go for a crisp white royal shirt, a bow tie or a slim necktie and this is said to complete your look perfectly.

Why else will there be a 3rd button? The fit, especially in regard to the short length of the pants, would look out-of-place in a lot of areas.

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Coats with added character

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Puss in Boots Costume Pants. Royal Blue Bishop Hat. Royal Blue Chess Shoes. Royal Blue Chess Suit. Royal Blue King Hat. I think this should be merged with the current guide. I don't think it's possible to merge threads, but since this one already includes a link to the other, I think this should just replace it in the sidebar. To be fair, the "current guide" kind of sucks. It's very general, has very little detail and specifics, and no pictures. I'd do it, but I know shit all about blazers.

This comment has been overwritten by this open source script to protect this user's privacy. The purpose of this script is to help protect users from doxing, stalking, and harassment. It also helps prevent mods from profiling and censoring. Then to delete your comments, simply click on your username on Reddit, go to the comments tab, scroll down as far as possible hint: I've tried matching it with shirts, but it seems of.

Pics might make it clearer what I mean: Thanks for the feedback, I think it might look better with a solid color button-up. Will try to take a pic tomorrow trying that look and check out some darkers jeans. Have a pair laying around that I still have to get to a tailor: What do you think of this combination?

I think the solid color seams to match better: I just stumbled upon this. I think all your pictures look not bad, but would look better with really dark jeans. The sort of jeans where there is no fading, just dark blue. Those fits could also look good with khakis imo.

Also green pants if you have them! Thanks, was planning on getting a pair of khakis anyway, will have to do it sooner I guess: However, whilst grey jackets even tweed and patterned fabrics will work functionally with navy trousers they won't look great in my opinion. Navy odd trousers are a pretty difficult piece altogether to honest. Are some of the pants in the navy blazer pictures chino's? I don't know much about different types of pants but like a lot of the ones on display.

Why are navy trousers a difficult piece? Just trying to understand why Navy Jackets are super versatile but reverse it navy pants and suddenly it's difficult. There's a general rule of thumb that your upper half "ought" to be darker than your lower half with this style of dress - not always correct but a good start to thinking about the reasoning. A darker lower half and a lighter upper half risks visually shortening you and messing with your proportions.

Light areas are visually expansive and dark areas the opposite the old advice of black being "slimming". If you've got a belly a lighter jacket might emphasise that, whilst your legs are reduced in presence.

So in general dark trousers are difficult. Charcoal ones work sometimes due to their greater neutrality but need to be considered carefully. Darker browns can work coherently with an earth palette if done tastefully think darker brown with a medium green jacket both in heavy fabrics. Navy however is so traditionally ingrained as being both the colour of choice for suits and for blazers that it's..

It's not greyscale and it's not earthy so doesn't benefit greatly from the combinations available to those palettes. Therefore you end up with dark trousers that don't have a natural home - they won't clash or actively work against most other colours blues are dead easy to work with but compositionally they add little and usually detract.

I think the other piece missing here is a warning about skin tones What most influences the impact of color on a person's complexion is what's closest to the face, often their shirt rather than their blazer. If you say so. I always think I look ghostly pale in a khaki jacket. Also, the shoulders are pretty close to the face, and the jacket as a a whole is a much bigger block of color than the shirt underneath, so I would think it evens out in terms of impact, despite the proximity.

I agree with you. My only sport coat is a medium-grey trim fit one that I have found works well with navy wool slacks and also khaki cords. Especially in examples like http: Traditionally, a blazer was a navy blue single-breasted tailored jacket of worsted wool with metal typically brass buttons. Today, "blazer" seems to be a catch-all term for tailored jackets worn without matching pants I personally prefer to use "odd jacket" or "sport coat" for this purpose.

A suit, of course, is a tailored jacket and pants made of the same cloth. Typically, they will have softer shoulders and softer structure in general, more textural fabrics tweed comes to mind , and will usually be a bit shorter. Vents, patch or flap pockets, ticket pockets, elbow patches, collar tabs, and contrasting buttons are more common than in suits. Typically suit jackets in addition to coming with matching pants, sold as separates or together are made out of nicer material and feel smoother.

Sports coats are rougher than blazers which are rougher than suit jackets, if you will. Also I believe there are slight differences in the cuts, jacket length and the looseness, but those can change a lot. I think it mostly since sports coats, blazers and suit jackets are all much more similar comes down to the fabric and whether or not they come with pants. You'll be hardpressed to find a suit with gold anchor buttons but there's plenty of blazers with them.

If I've understood things correctly, suit jackets are a type of blazer? They're identical, except that not all blazers have matching pants and thank god for that. No, blazers lack matching pants. Suit jackets have them. They are also generally a little longer and a bit more structured. It is considered a faux pas to wear a suit as either an odd jacket or odd trousers.

As in, you shouldn't wear your suit jacket as a blazer and the suit trousers without the matching jacket. Personally, I don't find wearing the pants as just dress slacks is particularly egregious. The first thing is what I meant with my last thing. And I think that it's not quite the faux pax it used to be, especially since the thighter style now in vogue have made them approach each other.

But I guess it's a case by case basis kind of thing; my own suit jacket works quite well as a blazer, but I imagine other models don't. And maybe people's build are to be taken into account as well? Not entirely, but they're really not very versatile for combining with sports coats. It can look ok with certain shades of brown perhaps. If the jacket has blue patterning it can also bring it together a bit - brown tweed with a blue windowpane perhaps.

Khaki can work but wouldn't be my go-to. Light blue jackets work well with navy trousers, as discussed in the post. Thanks - it's a bit pricey for a tie alas, poor student here , but I might consider some of their bowties instead, it is impossible to find any good ones around here. TheTieBar is an excellent site to buy ties from. It suffers both from the general style of jeans and all of the regular problems that navy odd trousers suffer.

I like your jacket for jeans, but I can't get past the silk tie and jeans combo. I think if you ditched the tie and switched the shirt to an ocbd that'd be a great look. I purposefully left out jeans because adding them pushes the outfits in a rather different direction and aesthetic, and is certainly less "safe".

It's easy to look bad doing it. The rest of the outfit should also adapt accordingly. Personally I'm not a particularly big fan of sports jackets and jeans in combination despite the fact that it's perfectly valid. How can a shirt be too much? I've always found blazers and sportcoats too work much better with shirts than with tee's or other options Might just be that i misunderstood what you meant there, and that it's not too much with a shirt, like a plain shirt or something similar, but with that shirt Vest is way too much, maybe a slightly different tie or no tie, but it's so edgy I can't help but like it.

I may be misremembering, but I think I remember seeing the guy in the photos on tumblr and I think he made that tie himself - so it's not just adding personality, it's a literal personal touch. A silk tie and jeans isn't the greatest thing, and then on top of that the jacket here looks an awful lot like a suit jacket to me.

If this were a more casual jacket say a tweed, or something very Italian and unstructured plus a more casual wool or knit tie, I think that would be lots lots better.

A button-down collar might also help, but is a detail most people wouldn't notice. I don't wear ties with jeans. I gathered that to be the general consensus here on MFA a rule made to be broken, maybe? Problem, of course, is that jeans are inherently casual, tie inherently dressy--they're on the opposite ends of the spectrum so it can easily look incoherent.

But I personally think if you can bring those two ends closer together, it can work. Silk tie and suit jacket, as seen in the pic, definitely not. But like a knit tie, buttondown shirt, and cotton blazer with soft shoulders?

Not the worst thing in the world, I don't think. The tie sucks in general, but especially with the look. Reminds me of express. Everything else is great. I thought Glenn Howerton from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia sported it pretty nicely in this episode pictured on the right here. Jeans and blazer are pretty common in Europe and I don't think they clash that much. But applies here doesn't necessarily apply in the US. Thanks for the writeup.

Although our styles are different, I was hoping for a bit of advice if you are willing to jump out of your comfort zone for a second. I am a denim guy at the moment currently breaking in my first pair of raw, which I'm wearing every day. I live in Florida, so looking for things to wear when it gets Florida chilly which is not very chilly You say charcoal may not work well with denim, but was wondering what you thought of a blazer like this with denim?

Sorry, the picture of the blazer doesn't show for me - no idea why not. Those are nice looking jeans. Maybe a direct link to the picture will work. I see it now, thanks! My opinion is that it wouldn't look good over denim, especially dark denim.

It's more rock-star than anything, and I wear it as such. But with my pierced ears and medium-length hair, I think it works. I might look pretentious, but c'mon, a rock star does look pretentious!

I've done it in my past here. What's the difference between flannel trousers and the regular wool trousers that came with my suit? When I think if flannel, I think of Seattle grunge. Although when most people especially those without much knowledge of classic clothes say "flannel" they mean as you say, cotton flannel, usually with a plaid pattern. In this instance I'm talking about solid gray wool flannel. The nice thing about it is that the softness and especially texture of the flannel wool sets it apart from whatever's up top.

They're probably one of the best choices for semi-formal trousers in the winter they can be quite warm. The difference between them and your wool suit pants, is that likely your suit is a worsted wool rather than flannel. Worsted wool has a smooth outer surface, unlike the soft texture of flannel. I just got this and think it would go really well with some gray flannel or wool trousers.

Now I just need to find me some! I am a fan of two things not covered by this list, and figure I should bring them up specifically fabrics. I love my tan camelhair sport coat. I can pair it with jeans and a polo for more casual outings, or a button-up, tie and navy slacks for the office.

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