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Is this feminist friendly or are you saying I shouldn't wear a short skirt?

When they DO wear short skirts for other people, it just might be to show off in front of other girls, though I do not think that people flaunt miniskirts for that reason either. Wearing short skirts is awesome- and fore more reasons than you might expect. I should know. I adhere to short skirts .
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No tubes of cloth over the legs!! With a little research I found that leading clothing designers say there are no reasons for men not to wear skirts and men have worn skirts far longer than women throughout time. Clearly better suited for a male than a female so society has it backwards! I also found wearing a skirt is a "Chick Magnet" They will find you intriguing and know you don't have the homophobia and sexual insecurity most men have. Anyone with any sense knows gays don't wear skirts only on TV and movies for an effect.

Still don't think you can do it? Check these guys in skirts and note they still look like guys just as women in pants still look like women:. They are obviously NOT cross dressing trying to look like women. Just guys enjoying skirts! It is not superficial. It is totally about comfort.

You don't need a perfect figure since that exists only in the mind of the beholder as an abstract concept. In other words, no one can please millions of different expectations simultaneously. The notions of too fat, too old, too tall, etc. Personally I have seen many who look much better, IMHO of course, in a short skirt than when wearing shorts or capri pants. As a married man I don't need anyone's permission except that of my wife to wear a miniskirt. When she is happy, so am I. I don't need a perfect body whatever that really is to go to a nude beach either!

Skirts come in a myriad of silhouettes, not all of which are form fitting. A short skirt is a clothing choice that doesn't require the approval of the entire universe!!!!! Short skirts - they are not only comfortable compare with shorts please!

They are usually tight and lift up, exposing your underwear. If you wear A-shaped one, be careful if its windy! Short skirts and exercise? For those who are desperate for male attention and want to appear ''sexy'' which is stupid.

Try it with thick fat legs and cellulite! I doubt it's very aesthetic. So ladies if you are not happy with your legs, why emphasize your worst part with skirts even more?

Simone, your arguments are very unconvincing it's strange that some people buy this nonsense! I think that women DO wear short skirts to show off their legs to men it is perfectly natural and part of the process of attracting a potential mate. Anyway all men love to see women in short skirts it is very sexy!! I'm a man that likes wearing short skirts in the summer a lot and in the winter when I go to the laundromat.

I like wearing them more than pants because they are comfortable. People should understand that there are men that like to wear short skirts in public and they shouldn't be judged. I feel if you want to wear a short skirt it shouldn't matter how old you are and body type and if you are a male or female. Wear the short skirt if it make you happy and comfortable and do it because you want to and not for someone else. Women wear the short skirts because you want to and not for men.

I support any man or female that likes wearing short skirts in any season like me. Don't be confused by the name but I'm a man that likes to wear short skirts every chace I get and I respect women more that wears short skirts since I been wearing them at least 6 years and I find the comfortable.

Short skirts are just plain comfortable since they can be worn without the restrictions placed upon wearing a loincloth. I wear them with sandals even in the winter. The compliments are just a bonus. Reasons to wear a short skirt are so numerous I prefer a brief listing of maybe five things that shouldn't be tried while wearing a short skirt: Gymnastics, roofing, changing a flat tire on a gravel road, sitting on a bar stool or climbing steep stairs while wearing a thong. They're selling short skirts at Sam's Club?

Holy cow, that sure is a reason to avoid 'em! Yeah, those can be painful to see. Like a train wreck. Thank goodness for those leggings. What you're describing sounds much like the ever-popular beloved Utilikilt- worn by many a proud San Franciscan. Comfort is what got me hooked. After many years of believing that I couldn't wear a skirt just because I am a man I tried it upon a dare from my daughter.

With the blessing of a wife who wears pants, skirts or dresses, I too joined the world of 21st Century equality. It is the comfort factor. It is a decision that I am happy to have made 15 years ago.

I am just a man who still looks very masculine but also a man who isn't adjusting those irritating seams any longer. If you have an ample behind, a skirt that just barely covers the fanny is not flattering. I do appreciate that this unknown person was wearing leggings under said skirt--it would have been far worse with a thong.

Those can be lovely lengths! Going with what looks best on you and makes you feel most comfortable will most certainly result in the most fashion-forward ensemble- regardless of whether it is very aggressive or more on the conservative side.

Now that I'm older, my legs are one of my younger looking features, so I have upped my hemlines over the past few years. I like mid-knee or just above the knee. D I never knew short skirts had so many positives. I find that short skirts are really versitile and comfortable.

The amount of times I have crashed my car from rubber necking. Has cost me a small fortune LOL. I agree with the article and short skirt tends to be comfortable and easy to wear. I don't wear it but I do appreciate it. I like you, system observant. I must point out that skimpy clothing has always existed. Love the point about excrement though. The world is full of turds.

And many of those turds are out to change the world. Long live short skirts, ha! Thanks for the hub, it's an interesting perspective, to see the topic from a women's point of view. I like them on women and I cannot tell really why. Maybe it's my '80s upbringing, ha. They're good any way you look: It's like they radiate more fun. Jeez, short skirts are just lookin' better and better.

Great idea, I'll have to give it a try. Good thing it's a million degrees here this summer. You're absolutely right--youth is fleeting. Flaunt what you got while you got it, I say! Me, I'm at the age when knee-length skirts are more decorous, but oh, what I wouldn't give for the freedom to stride around in a short skirt in this hot weather right now!

So true, whatastunner- hence short skirts aren't for everyone, though if one is comfortable with one's legs, why not? I am a short skirt fan , but all the shaving and false tan , make's it a hassle unless you have nice brown legs already, and when legs get fat and full varicose veins then it's just plain mean to others to wear them!

I suppose that's something, Knightheart. Though I've never seen anything result from short skirts on a windy day - I've always EXPECTED to see people slip up, but the idea of windy days resulting in any real entertainment is still an unproven myth in my world. One more reason for short skirts is that most men just LOVE them, especially on those windy days!!

And they are so pleasingly easy to put on. Hehee thanks for stopping by the Hub! Nothing more fun than wearing short skirts, especially if you're tall and slender!

I used to wear them often, but now the length is a bit longer. I love the line about shorts skirts being exceedingly easy to put on! Your hubs are always so much fun to read. I know I won't always be wearing short skirts, but I'm glad that I'm doing it for at least a short time. It's a fun experience. I'm sorry to hear that your short skirt won't see the light of day, QudsiaP1, because I'm sure you'd rock it well, but I'm still really glad you have it! And brava, Amy Becherer! You're obviously a pro!!!

I hope I might wear short skirts half as well as you do. And you're so right- they're not for anyone else but the wearer. And it's amazing how much positivity they can bring about! Hmm- you make a good point about the upsides of ditching short skirts to save male pride, ahostagesituation.

No guy has ever cared enough about me to be jealous, so I've never been in a position to consider not flaunting the short skirt look. I might change my ways if someone actually cared. But I can totally understand how it is rather like a compliment. And why someone NOT caring might be a bit insulting. I'm glad you've held on to some of your skirts, thoughtforce.

Even if pants are the norm, it's nice to mix things up from time to time! And that's a pity, BigSeanR. Skirts are so very refreshing.

How great of you to write an article for the benefit of the skirt! Instead I prefer them a little bit longer but yet not a long skirt. Then the pants started to sneak up on me and now I am afraid they have more or less won the battle: I am used to them now and skirts do not fit my job either so I can only have them during my free time. But the skirts are still there, ready to wear! And I do agree, women do not wear skirts for the sake of men: Thanks for the great read, and the inspiration.

Keep on wearing those mini skirts! Simone, I know few things more useless than male pride, but those territorial instincts run pretty deep. I decided a while back that I prefer it that way. Would you want your guy to take the position, "oh sure, man, say what you want to her Have at it, buddy!

I am percent sure I would not want that, despite how annoying male pride can be. But since you already rock a lot of mini skirts, it would be a shame to throw them out Thanks Simone, I simply love illustrated stories! I am eagerly looking forward to part2! I am beyond the average short skirt wearing age, and I plan on continuing.

I'll know when to stop. At the workplace, before I got laid off, I stopped traffic on my breaks. At my age, you bet I was flattered! So, although I got a lot of attention from predominently men, women came up to me and conmplimented me regularly, too.

Ultimately, everyone likes positive, upbeat encounters. I like the positive attention, smiles, and power of turning heads. I wear them for me! This was a fun read based on true facts! I have inexplicably fallen in love with you for explaining why must short skirts gain vast approval. Now only if I could convince the people of my country! Chrissy Marie, Neighborhood Girl from Views: Emma T looking beautiful in a sexy leather miniskirt and boots.

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